Monday, September 26, 2022

Pictorial Potpourri Tuesday Link Up 9 27 2022


Was lazy and really didn't want to mow. The sun was kind of out, but one of those blustery days, and temp only in 50's and maybe up to 60. But, I put on my warm, furry hoodie and did the mowing. I'd been putting it off last week because was a busy week. I do not like to mow. It takes me at least hour and half to two hours. That was the hubby's job. He loved it.

Also, after last week's post about going to Put-In-Bay, my oldest sister fell and massacured her arm. It could be saved, but had to have her upper arm where it connects fixed. Guess meant new rotator cuff and whatever that entails. She's 78, and fell down the outdoor stairs going to feed her cats. Yes, she is an old cat lady. haha not really. She only has one indoor, and one outdoor. Anyway, glad we got to get our trip in that she enjoyed. She's doing okay.We did determine that the toe part of her flip flop sandal caught with the edge of the stair instead of getting her full foot on. So, I think being of old age myself, I'll not wear them anymore. Well, that enough about that. lol

One of my favorite photos from this time of year. My grandson when little. His first time to picking his pumpkin from a farm patch instead of at stores. He got his in his wagon and off he went without waiting for his mom or me. lol He had so much fun. Hard to believe he's now 16 and getting his driving license next week. 

Love Fall, but not what comes after. Fun seeing all the pumpkins by the roadside that farmers and others are selling along with the colorfun mums.

Another favorite from this time of year. The grand-daughter helping me rake leaves. ha ha

Crafting: Made couple crochet pumpkins so far. And, still working on trying to master the dpn knitting of how they do socks on either 4 or 5 needles. I've figured out how to cast them all on and get started, but keep getting ladder stitches. Also crocheting a cowl. Will share that craft after get it done. Working on some project bags as well. Not ready to share yet.

Hope all are having a good week. Link up is open. So appreciate all who visit and link up or just say hello. :)

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Monday, September 19, 2022

Pictorial Potpourri Tuesday Link Up 9 20 2022

Put-In-Bay Ohio

Put-in-Bay is a village in Ohio, well known for its wineries, steamboats, stunning water views, and historic sites. Perry's Cave Family Fun Center is a family fun hub with a natural limestone cave, gem mining, a butterfly house, a rock wall, and an educational site for the whole family to learn the history. Heineman Winery is the oldest winery with tasting rooms, cellar tours with super friendly staff, and a worthy visit. South Bass Island State Park is a park with amazing Erie Lake views, family campgrounds, breathtaking views, a fishing pier, picnic areas, children's playground with beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

I do have to say the one wine that we tasted at Heineman winery was so delicious. And, I'm not usually a wine drinker, but I could of had more than a taste. lol

Amazing how far the shadow of that monument went across the lake. 

Perry's Monument. Ended up not going up to the top. Maybe next time.

We didn’t end up buying the hats. 


Found me a new man lol. Doesn’t he look scared? haha 

Me and sisters. Our nephew volunteered to take us old women up there. It’s about three hours away from where I live. 

Memory or love lock fence. Didn't know about it so I didn't take a lock or would have done a memory one of my sweet hubby.

No way was I getting in or out of that chair. We could hardly pull my short sister out. She’s only 4’ 10”

Oh, and they had a vintage phone booth where we got ice cream. Didn't check it out to see if usable.

Here's one with the sweet nephew who took us on the trip. He's the son of my youngest sister (on right in yellow).

Thanks for visiting and looking at my wacky photos. Have a great week. Be sure to share what you've been up to photography, crafting, thrifting wise. 

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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Pictorial Potpourri Tuesday Link Up 9 13 2022

Happy Tuesday. I know it’s basically a photo linkup, but I really have nothing prepared for this week. Have things, but just haven’t gotten them taken care of and time got away. Anyway, I wanted to put the link up so please share. 

I do have one photo. My grandson got married over the weekend. I didn’t really take pictures because just enjoying the day, the people, and reception. Think I found I might really like Smirnoff Ice Pink Lemonade. Had one and didn’t taste too bad. 

Enjoy the week. Thanks for visiting. 😊

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Monday, September 5, 2022

Pictorial Potpourri Tuesday Link Up 9 6 2022


The Asters from my seeds finally bloomed. They're sparse but such pretty color. The colors remind me of easter egg colors. I think the Cosmos stunted them because they took up most of the planter I had planted.

A work in porcess. Another Country Cottage stitch hat for winter or may go on my Etsy. I was going to do it in a denim blue, but didn't like how that was working up.

It was a rainy weekend for the Labor Day holiday here in Ohio. We need the rain, but probably dampened some plans for cookouts, etc. Years past when my boys were in school, it signified last day of summer break. Now kids are back in school mid August. 

Not much new here. I'm still without a washer, but the daughter did order one which will be here this week, and then they can bring their older one to me. She is a traveling Nurse so she had to look at washers when she was home. 

Razzy lounging a few years back. 

Happy September everyone. Have a fun week. Thank you for stopping by and linking up or just giving a comment. 

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Monday, August 29, 2022

Pictorial Potpourri Tuesday Link Up 8 30 2022


Last week was no fun so I'm hoping this one will be better. Being a widow and now having to do everything to run this household even though it's just me is expensive. Sometimes it makes for sad days without the love of my life. But, last week started rather upbeat. Cleaning and looking forward to maybe a trip to the North bay area with the sisters if finances work out this month. Well, no sooner than that was discussed that my washer broke. I have been lucky that it lasted 14 years, which is more than the lifetime normally, I guess. They can last 10 to 14. As a senior citizen, I am strapped monthly, and even with bit to fall back on that has to last for who knows how long at my age. Long story short my son-in-law and daughter said I could have theirs because my daughter wants new anyway. They don't need a set, but I know they're just offering so I won't have to make a bill on my monthly income. I'm not sure how hubby and I got so lucky with our three. Since their dad passed, they have come so many times to my rescue.

I did check on going to the laundromat. Cannot believe how expensive that has gotten. Don't know how people do that. Costs more monthly than a washer/dryer payment would be. So that was a no for me.

Also, along with the washer breakage, I got notice of Jury Duty. In Ohio, you can put in writing after the age of 75 to see if can be excused. I sent that out, and waiting to hear back. I've done it many times over the years, but just hoping I don't have to, but so be it if they deny. It's up to their discretion.

That's my sob story, and I'm sticking to it. hahaha I really am pretty lucky to even be able to manage this place at my age. I am blessed even with all the trials. Just venting because Razzy is tired of hearing me gripe to him. Now on to Pictorial. lol

Cosmos Flowers. They're pretty, but thinking a no for next season. They pretty much took over and some of the other flowers just didn't make it for long.

Country Cottage Crochet Beanie. Found the pattern at
Tutorial is on YouTube if interested.
Works up easy

Work in progress making matching mittens. Need to do thumb and other mitten

Next, I'm making the set in a pretty blue that I found.

This fingerless glove pattern is from Little Drops of Wonderful on YouTube. Not really too crazy about it so have others to make I like better.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead. Thanks for visiting and linking up. Visit others as time allows if you can. 

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Monday, August 22, 2022

Pictorial Potpourri Tuesday Link Up 8 23 2022

The little hummers have been busy lately.


Some flowers we saw on my and Razzy's walk yesterday.

This makes me sad. My tree is turning already which is early. It usually is last to turn. Neighbor's yard has fallen leaves already. Summer doesn't end until next month. I am so not ready for this and what follows. 

Hope everyone has a nice, enjoyable week. Thanks for sharing your photography, digiscrapping, crafts, and/or thrifting. 

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~hugs 'n scribbles~

Monday, August 15, 2022

Pictorial Potpourri Tuesday Link Up 8 16 2022


Just some Fall scenery from few years ago. 

Hope all are having a good week. Link up is open below.

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