Monday, January 30, 2023

Pictorial Tuesday Link Up 1 31 2023


Tomorrow. The month of February is when a ground hog predicts our future length of Winter. lol It will happen on February 2nd. Our local Ground Hog is called Buckeye Chuck. Then there's one in Pennsylvania called Punxsutawny Phil. I've never kept track to see if his prediction holds true or not. I just know it's too long a time for me until beautiful Spring weather arrives. So far, though our Winter hasn't been too bad. Do any of you have weird weather predictions where you live? haha

Groundhog Day is a popular North American tradition observed in the United States and Canada on February 2. It derives from the Pennsylvania Dutch superstition that if a groundhog emerges from its burrow on this day and sees its shadow due to clear weather, it will retreat to its den, and winter will go on for six more weeks; if it does not see its shadow because of cloudiness, spring will arrive early.

By this time, I'm already missing these kinds of days when the little ones did bubbles in the air.

A bed I sewed for Razzy. Made a square for bottom and tubes stuffed with stuffing for the sides then sewed it all together. I used left over material I had so cost was minimal.

One of my recycing bags I make using shirts that no longer fit or ones from the thrift shop. so easy to make. I cut across beneath the collar. Take off the sleeves and use them to make the handles. 

Then pair it wih a magnetic shopping list and you're off to the store.

Candy heart background I made. Could use for phone or digiscrapping or cut out center and enclose picture of a cutie pie. Print and enclose in a frame. 

Just scribbling some graphics and crafts today. Happy Tuesday and last day of January of the new year. Blessings and good thoughts to everyone who stops by to share a link or a comment. 

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~hugs 'n scribbles~


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Monday, January 23, 2023

Pictorial Tuesday Link Up 1 24 2023


Just scribbling about some birds.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures. It was through the window, and my camera, I think, is on its last legs. It's a DSL that I've had for quite a few years and doesn't seem as crisp as when it was new, and the lens seems to lag some.

Anyway, I think I'm finally getting a small variety of birds at the feeder other than just the regular house birds. Last year none so was reluctant to even put it back up. I haven't seen a cardinal in ages, but there she was. 

We are a white wonderland right now, and thank goodness without all the wind, I'm not as drifted. I was able to get out of my drive today to run to the store for a few things. I wasn't desperate, but needed a couple of things. I'm so ready for Spring.

Thought I'd get back to doing some graphics, but when doing the one above, I've forgotten a lot of what I use to know, and that's a simple one. Oh well. :)

Happy Tuesday. 

Link up is open. Thanks for popping by this week.

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Monday, January 16, 2023

Pictorial Tuesday Link Up 1 17 2023

This week's scribbling is about Valentine's Day. Found some Valentine things I had around the house from previous years, and some I thrifted so thought would decorate this tiered tray. I'm not usually that much into Valentine's day, but do like a bit of decor change. Since it's on Feb 14th, thought I'd go from Jan 14th. The little dried roses are on the corsage from my grandson's wedding. I love to dry roses. They dry so easily, and last a long time. 

Have a great week. Thanks for stopping by with all your lovely photos and/or thrifts and crafts.

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~hugs 'n scribbles~


Monday, January 9, 2023

Pictorial Tuesday Link Up 1 20 2023


Softly blows the breeze
that whispers through the trees
As snowflakes fall,
each unique shape circles around
and eventually make it to the ground
As one by one they pile atop another

As the whisper turns to a GROWL
the snowflakes dance and swirl
painting the trees and landscape a lucious white 
as fast and furious as a painter's brush
using the world as his canvas ~ and he names it
by Peabea
(c)opyright Patricia B. 9/8/13

This I don't want for this Winter. That is why I have turned "LET IT SNOW" into "LET IT NOT!" 

After all the week of snow, we now have mild weather. Hoping that can stay until Spring. Mother Nature needs to make up her mind. 

Prayers for all that are in the flooding on the West Coast. My son and family are in California, but he says not really where they live. Also, the grandson is North of California, and he says they're not having lots of rain. So sad.

On another note, hope so far 2023 is treating you well. I am such a pessimistic person and I have turned that into my norm. I had to laugh because last week, I decided I need to not be that. Be thankful for each day as it comes, and stop the worrying. Well, I was driving in my car when I thought that, I even said it out loud t myself. And when I got home, I asked the grandson to put softener salt in for me in the garage basement. He started to then came out and said Grandma, I think you have a problem. Basement was flooded, and sump pump was shot. Still staying positive, but upset no one could come fix it. Well, then the neighbor next door (I live beside a business), saw me pumping out the basement and called to see what was the matter. He and three guys (I call them Earth angels) came over and put in the new pump I had bought, and they also put in my softener salt. I was blessed.

Also, the pump was less than a year old so I called the manufacturer. They gave refernece number to take to store where I bought it. The store then proceeded to tell me I would have to take store credit. I was hoping they would credit the new pump I had bought. The two guys helping me, after some discussion, ended up giving me full refund for the broken pump, and applied it to the one I had bought.
So two more angels on Earth. I asked could I hug them, and I did. Stores don't realize that when returning a faulty product, I don't need money to spend more at their store. After all said and done, I did give the store a good review. 😊

Okay, that's my saga for the first week of the New Year. lol

Link up is open if you'd like to share your photography, graphics, and/or crafts. It will be open until Saturday evening. Thanks all who stop by. I appreciate you.

Also, I have a question....I'm thinking of going back to Wordpress with this link up and wonder if you've done link ups there before. The only drawback is that I don't like that the link ups are on a separate page, and not in view without switching to the link. I'm trying to find out how to work around that if anyone knows. Any thoughts? Would you be willing to link up there. Thanks. Have a great week.

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~hugs 'n scribbles~

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Monday, January 2, 2023

Pictorial Tuesday Link Up 1 3 2023


Just a few photos from my posts during 2022. All in all 2022 treated me pretty good other than the disappointment of the Christmas holiday weather. The next week though, my son and DIL took me to lunch and shopping at the Bend 'n Dent. Do any of you do shopping at those? The ones they take me to are run by the Amish. They have some unusual items. We mostly go for the coffee pods for the Keurig. Some things are outdated by a bit, but a lot are still with good dates. I'm not sure, but I think they must get foods or excess from groceries. Maybe by the pallet load. Not sure, but there are some really good bargains. It was a fun day with the son, his wife, my grandson and his wife since we didn't get to get together for Christmas. They make my day and make me laugh. 

It is interesting to be in a store with no electricity or heat, but that's their lifestyle/religion. You keep wanting to have someone turn on the lights. If can't see with the normal lighting, we use the flashlight on our cameras to see dates.😀

Hope all had a really nice New Year holiday. If you pick a word for the new year, can you share? I usually pick one, but still mulling it over to decide. 

Really hope 2023 treats all with kindness. I know I look forward to seeing all the wonderful photography that will be shared here during the year from all who stop by. Have a great day.

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Monday, December 26, 2022

Pictorial Potpourri Tuesday Link Up 12 27 2022

 Wow, we have come to the end so this is the last one for 2022. Seems like it flew by. My post is a remake of one that I did Christmas 2015. The Christmas Eggs


Christmas Eggs

Reposting from 2015 - a Christmas craft to make.

One Christmas around 1974 when bored and not many Christmas ornaments for our tree, I decided to make a diorama out of eggs. Using manicure scissors, I cut the front out of the egg, cleaned out the inside and rinsed it out and let it dry maybe a few hours or even overnight. I then glued any decorations I could find i.e. this one is a Santa cut out of a Christmas card, and then I added cotton so that it looked like a snow scene. I glued yarn around the opening to hide any jagged edge and then glued string to the top for adding an oranment hanger. This Santa egg is one of the first ones I made that year. Every year, I just pack it away with the other tree ornaments. I actually haven't even been that careful with it. That first year, I even made some, dated them and gave them as gifts.

I would love to be an artist because I think a talented person could really decorate the insides wonderfully. This craft would even be fun to do to make an Easter decorated tree.

Below are pictures of some of the eggs I made that year. I added pictures of them hanging on my tree.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy this craft and drop me a comment or add a picture to your comment if you decide to try this and let me know how it turns out.





Since then, I have seen that other people make these eggs or buy them decorated to hang or display.

This year my eggs are 48 years old so who would have thought egg shells are that tough. :) They still adorn my tree this year. 

Hope all survived the terrible storms that hit the U.S. this Christmas. My daughter and SIL arrived home from their cruise just in time to be snowed in plus they came home with Covid. So, with the weather and their being sick, our Christmas was cancelled. My son lives about 50 minutes away with country roads so told them not to chance it. I was lucky, thank God, because my electric stayed on the whole time. I feel so bad for those on the East Coast who really got slammed with the snow and winds. I was in the blizzard in 1978, and did not relish doing that again, but they say this one was worse for those who got hit badly. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, Happy Kwanza or however you celebrated this Holiday Season. And Happy New Year with many blessings for 2023.

Link up is open below. Thanks so much for all that have shared 2022 and prior years with me. I love seeing your visits.

This is the stare I got late the night of the storm when it was wind chill 20 below zero with 55 mph winds. But when you gotta go, you gotta go. He made it each night and day, but couldn't be long because his paws get cold and then can't walk so I carry him out and in. This week we will be in the 50's. Ridiculous weather. Ma Nature is so confused! lol

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My Corner of The World

Monday, December 19, 2022

Pictorial Potpourri Tuesday Link Up 12 20 2022

Some Razzy photos. He’s definitely not too happy dog sitting. They’re both big dogs so he has to remain secluded from them. They are mild, but just don’t trust if they played, he’s not use to how they play.





Hope all are ready for this weekend Christmas holiday. I’m still away dog sitting and looking forward to getting back home on Wednesday. I’ll be glad also to see my babies back on dry land and home. As all mamas know no matter the age, we worry. 

From little hands. 
(I added the text)

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~hugs ‘n scribbles~