Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sunday Scripture Blessings w Linkup 8 19 18

Jesus' Words Only:

The Beatitudes are St. Matthew 5:3-11,12

A printable for you: Just click on the Beatitudes above to open and then save or print out. Enjoy!

Time for another Sunday Scripture Blessings sharing. You're Next ~

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Pictorial Tuesday with Link Up 8 14 18

I think most are familiar with the following story:

The Little Red Hen

Once upon a time there was a little red hen.
One day Little Red Hen was in the farm yard when she found a grain of corn.
“Who will help me plant this grain of corn?” she asked.
“Not I,” squeaked the rat from the barn.
“Not I,” quacked the duck from her pond.
“Not I,” purred the cat from his place in the sun.
So Little Red Hen went to look for a nice bit of earth, scratched it with her feet and planted the grain of corn.
“Who will help me water this corn?” asked the little red hen
“Not I,” squeaked the rat from the barn.
“Not I,” quacked the duck from her pond.
“Not I,” purred the cat from his place in the sun.
So Little Red Hen carried a bucket of water in her beak to the field and watered the grain of corn.
During the summer the grain of corn grew. First it grew into a tall green stalk, then it ripened in the sun until it had turned a lovely golden colour. Little Red Hen saw that the corn was ready for cutting.
“Who will help me cut the corn?” asked Little Red Hen.
“Not I,” squeaked the rat from the barn.
“Not I,” quacked the duck from her pond.
“Not I,” purred the cat from his place in the sun.
“Very well then, I will cut it myself,” said the little red hen. Carefully she cut the stalk and took out all the grains of corn from the husks.
“Who will take the corn to the mill, so that it can be ground into flour?” asked Little Red Hen.
“Not I,” squeaked the rat from the barn.
“Not I,” quacked the duck from her pond.
“Not I,” purred the cat from his place in the sun.
So Little Red Hen took the corn to the mill herself, and asked the miller if he would be so kind as to grind it into flour. And when he had done this she took the flour back home
“Who will help me to make the flour into bread?” asked Little Red Hen.
“Not I,” squeaked the rat from the barn.
“Not I,” quacked the duck from her pond.
“Not I,” purred the cat from his place in the sun.
“Very well,” said Little Red Hen. “I shall make the bread myself.” She went into her neat little kitchen. She mixed the flour into dough. She kneaded the dough and put it into the oven to bake.
Soon there was a lovely smell of hot fresh bread. It filled all the corners of the house and wafted out into the garden. The rat came into the kitchen from the barn, the duck came in from the pond and the cat left his place in the sun. When Little Red Hen opened the oven door the dough had risen up and had turned into the nicest, most delicious looking loaf of bread any of them had seen.
“Who is going to eat this bread?” asked Little Red Hen.
“I will,” squeaked the rat.
“I will,” quacked the duck.
“I will,” purred the cat.
“Oh no, you won’t,” said Little Red Hen. “I planted the seed, I watered the corn, I cut the corn, I took it to the mill to be made into flour, and I made the bread, all by myself. I shall now eat the loaf all by myself.”
The rat, the duck and the cat all stood and watched as Little Red Hen ate the loaf all by herself. It was delicious and she enjoyed it, right to the very last crumb.
Story borrowed from: The Play House at
Even though I didn't help with any of the garden, I have very nice neighbors who have planted their garden, and have shared some wonderful veggies with hubby and I this season. Sharing a photo of one of the very large Zucchini that they shared. With those, I've made zucchini blueberry almond muffins and zucchini bread. I did end up freezing those though as I know I would eat every last bite because they turned out very yummy.

Recipe for the Blueberry Zucchini Muffins can be found here at :

(I substituted the Pecans with Almonds)

You're next for sharing what you've been shooting. Thank you for stopping by and sharing. All are appreciated. :)

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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sunday Scripture Blessings 8 12 18

(A printable for you ~ Click on the genealogy list to open for printing or saving)

Scripture context is sharing Jesus' words only.

Happy Sunday and time for sharing Sunday Scripture Blessings. Thank you to all who participate, and thanks for the blessings. I enjoy visiting each one.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Pictorial Tuesday 8 7 18

Sharing some photos from when my daughter, grandson, and I visited my son and family that lived out in Santa Rosa, CA at the time. We did do some of the touristy sites, but I'd always wanted to visit a lighthouse so they took us to one that was the closest to them even though we drove a few hours to it. We visited Bodega Bay first and then the lighthouse that is at Inverness, CA.

Exploring the cliffs

Daughter walks down to meet the Pacific and the waves came in to meet her. :)

Day started dreary but turned out beautiful in the afternoon

My daughter and son

My daughter and her son

That was our first stop at Bodega Bay

From there, we drove to Inverness to see the Lighthouse. It was quite a drive out to it, and then we had to walk up and over a bit and then we were greeted with steps down to the lighthouse. It is noted that there are 308 steps pretty much equal to 30 flights of stairs. This is posted so you can decide if you want to go down and back up. Down for me, being in my late 60's at the time wasn't so bad, but thank heavens they had seats at different points coming back up. The rest faired well and traveled right back up. The lighthouse is no longer a working lighthouse so we were able to go inside but not up to the top, which was disappointing. If you've ever watched The Fog with Adrienne Barbeau this is the lighthouse, which I had no clue until I happened to catch that old movie on a Saturday afternoon year or so later.

This is the light workings

The keeper at the lighthouse said sometimes you can see the Porpoise run, but we missed them.

Elk were on the roadside hill as we walked back down to the car.

For more on the Lighthouse just Google Inverness lighthouse and lots come up about it.

Happy First Pictorial Tuesday in August 2018. Now it's time for your sharing of some of your photography. Thank you. I love photography so I enjoy seeing what you post for a glimpse of life through your lens. Please try to visit at least one or two others that link and leave a hello comment if you can. Note: with the New Inlinkz version, in order to eliminate those trying to link up spam email links, you will be asked to verify your email before link can be added. If this will deter you from linking up, please let me know because I don't want to lose those who have come each week to Pictorial Tuesday, and if most don't like the new version, I will look for another provider. Inlinkz has told me that the older version will be available for a bit, but will be eliminated eventually.

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