Older Texture Tuesdays

The original picture for this Texture Tuesday is from my flower garden.
  • I applied a Levels Adjustment Layer
  • Cut out one of the flowers
  • Applied a pink fill
  • Applied the Embrace Texture from Kim Klassen's Cafe Blog
    • Applied Soft Light
  • Then applied Annabelle Texture from Kim Klassen's Cafe Blog
    • Applied Multiply
  • Added my text and a drop shadow
Original photo

This week's Texture Tuesday challenge was 'Movie Theme'. I love the song and really liked the movie so chose that one for my theme.

I didn't really do any editing except for adding the Just Stitched texture from Kim Klassen who also hosts the Texture Tuesday. (visit there to see all the great submissions each Tuesday).

Hope you enjoy and any critique is always welcome.

~hugs 'n giggles~
Happy Tuesday

Wow, cannot believe that this coming week-end is the Labor Day holiday week-end. Where was I while the summer flew by? Did I turn my back for a minute and time passed me? Sure seems it. It seems we were just celebrating the 4th of July or even Spring and waiting on Summer.  I will say though that the coming Fall season is my favorite along with Summer. I love the crisp weather, and wish it could be those temperatures all year long. Not looking forward to snow at all.

Above is my Texture Tuesday titled 'Orange' for Tuesday 8/30/11.

Have a safe and fun Labor Day week-end. Enjoy!!

~hugs 'n giggles~


Pink...one of my favorite colors and Roses...one of my favorite flowers.
Using Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 I opened the Sweettart Texture (from Kim Klassen's Cafe'), and then overlayed it with my original Rose photo. Adjusted the opacity to 70% and then applied Multiply and applied the Lettering Brush.
(borrowed from Pixels&IceCream)

My rose is a Tea Rose that I purchased this year, and it bloomed just a couple blooms this year so far, but Yay!! I haven't had roses in my flower bed for about 20 years. Plan to have more next year.

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