Who Is Peabea

Who is Peabea? Sometimes, I wonder that myself as through life my outlook has changed many times. The Peabea is because my name is Patricia (most of my life, I've just been called Pat, but I do like the written name of Patricia) and my last name starts with a B. so I use Peabea on the net.

I've always been a home body who loved to do crafts like crochet and sewing or anything interesting. I always liked a good novel, but lately just been reading my Bible.

This year, I will have been married to my HS sweetie for 55 years. Not always a smooth ride, but we've made it so far. We married young, and the story most have probably of marrying a musician, our first few years were spent traveling on the road with the band he was in. Not a life that was for me, but then I thought I would follow him anywhere. haha Life began for real when we were back home and having our first child.

I'm a mom of three now adult children, a grandmom, and a great grandmom.

I retired after my last and 4th downsize from a job, and have loved it. For a while, I had the fun of babysitting my 4th grandchild when he was a toddler. He now goes to school, and grammy is no longer needed. Even though I miss him, I relish my own free time.

I blog, I bible journal, I've loved photography since I won a Brownie Camera when I was in grade school. I won it by selling flower and vegetable seeds door to door. I'm still much a novice at it, but love what the camera sees that the eye sometimes doesn't. I still love to do crafts and I crochet and am trying my hand at knitting...only made a couple of bags with the squares that I've made and sewn together. I think crochet is easier. I've been working on two novels for few years, and the characters are still in limbo waiting for me to finish their story. I keep procrastinating on the editing. Even if edited, not sure where to go from there with them.

No complications with me. I just like being in the day. My hair is totally grey now even though the picture looks blond. I was the only blond with blue eyes born to my mom and the others all had dark, dark hair and dark or greenish eyes. My grandfather always told me they found me under a bush. At times, I use to wonder sometimes if he weren't kidding until I saw a picture of my mom young, and even though she had dark hair and dark eyes, we could have been twins. :)

You're welcome to contact me anytime at trabonet@yahoo.com to just say hello or if you have questions on anything that I post on my blog.

~hugs 'n giggles 'n scribbles~



  1. Dear Peabea,
    I wanted to send you an email but had difficulty getting set up - it's me, not the method :) Can you drop me an email even if it is just the word "HI" so that I am able to contact you? It is something that has been on my heart for several weeks. Thank you! >>> jviola79@hotmail.com

  2. Hi Pat, I wanted to let you know that you are now the winner of my book giveaway! Please email your name and address to growingtogetherngraceknowledge@gmail.com,and the author, Cheryl Smith will mail you a copy of her book Biblical Minimalism.

    The first winner never responded to the comment and its been two weeks. So I wanted to give another commenter an opportunity to win. :-)


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