My Poetry

The beauty that surrounds me happens slowly
with time stitching together all the colors
The hues
The glows
That make up a wonderful life
If only in My Mind

The curtains blow
The songs sound
The instruments play
The children laugh
If only for a day, they have set my heart aglow.

This thing we built 46 years ago
The musician, the man
The individual being that is so worn now
The weary tired lines
The pain he ignores
The one and only that I’ve adored

It can’t go on
It can’t continue
But each minute, I carry within me
The beauty, the glow that surrounds me
If only in My Mind

© If Only In My Mind ~ Patricia B. all rights reserved 2009

If I weren’t me, Who would I be?
Maybe a little bird or angel, up in a tree?
Birds and Angels, both can fly…
So, why not I?

Sometimes we soar, sometimes we roar,
Sometimes we just want more…..

The wanting hurts, we feel the pain,
We cannot soothe it, we cannot let it go
The wanting hurts until we can know
For once and always, the wanting we didn’t need

The wanting is merely a desire
To be more than we think we are…
It starts as babies…
Always wanting what we can’t have…

If I weren’t me, Who would I be?
Who/What destined me…
Who my parents were….
What/Who determined when my time would be?
To take a place or just use up space….

Will I be again…maybe another time…another place?
Then will I be me or a different entity?
Have I been before or just always and the same?
If I weren’t me…then who am I to be?
For now, I’m just me
Destined to be the best I can while in this place
Wondering if there’ll ever be another chance….

© peabea (patricia) 2010

The desk is there – but where is the child
It sits empty now

Seems so long ago
He use to laugh, dance and play
But now all he does is dream
For now he sleeps the endless sleep.

It was just a day
An hour
A minute
The snow and freezing ice were falling
Too hard to travel

He called home from the road – terrified
And scared,
Too icy to drive, but he couldn’t stop
On he continued into
That hour
That minute
That second
And there would not be another day

scribbled by peabea 10-23-09