Monday, December 13, 2010

Anne Frank

Watched The Diary of Anne Frank tonight on Masterpiece Classic television. Not sure why at Christmas this was their offering, but it was a great reminder for this time of year.

A reminder of all that we as Free Americans take for granted. Can you imagine being a 13 year old that is told that she no longer can have her beloved pet, can only take what clothes she can put on her back and that they have to steal away into hiding? It struck me how hard this would be to cope with not only as an adult but especially for a child. However, this young girl seemed to do an admiral job.

This story was set during a time of economic

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Scribbles

 I still find at my golden age that Christmas is such a magical time of year. The anticipation of the coming holidays, the cooking, the children coming home, the complete package is what the anticipation is all about. I still get the excitement of a little girl.

I’m among those that love the shopping and wrapping. Each wrapped package is a masterpiece when you add the purchased or handmade bows and adornments. Once the packages are wrapped and arranged under the tree, each represents all the memories you had of that person while picking out their present. I love the memories that conjure as I shop to pick out the present. Perhaps it is memories from childhood when buying a gift for a sibling or memories of the young or grown children. All the memories as I wrap and add