Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Scent

~ The Scent when wind blows across a delicate flower is music to the senses ~

Reposting one for Texture Tuesday that I shared originally in 2012.

The original picture for this Texture Tuesday is from my flower garden.
  • I applied a Levels Adjustment Layer
  • Cut out one of the flowers
  • Applied a pink fill
  • Applied the Embrace Texture from Kim Klassen's Cafe Blog
    • Applied Soft Light
  • Then applied Annabelle Texture from Kim Klassen's Cafe Blog
    • Applied Multiply
  • Added my text and a drop shadow
Original photo

A Story/Poem by Peabea

Finding Treasures

A little boy's rock, marble and string How wonderful are these playthings? The marvel that they see as they scout for treasure...