Monday, January 4, 2010

The Forgotten Present

I have a Christmas tradition that I started when my daughter was a baby. Her dad had taken her along when he did his Christmas shopping for me. She was in her stroller and spotted a large white stuffed animal. She loved it, and hugged on it all around the store. He managed to get it away from her and buy it without her seeing. When they arrived home, he told me to hide it until Christmas morning, and told me all about how she loved it. Well sometime during that Christmas day, we finally remembered about the stuffed animal that was hidden and not under the tree. Every year after that, it seems that I forgot someone's present and had to hunt it on Christmas day so I could give it to them.

That little girl is now 25 and has a child of her own. This Christmas, all the presents for him were placed under the tree (from Santa). Christmas morning my daughter asked me, "didn't you get him a race track?". Sure enough, I had, and I had hidden it in our garage. So out I went to get the forgotten present.

This year, though, I have gone a step further, it is now January 4th, and it dawned on me last evening that I had purchased him a soccer ball and goal set. For the life of me, I'm not remembering where I put it. I have looked in all the usual places (and yes, I'm sure I did buy it). Tomorrow, the search begins again.

So the tradition continues, but hopefully, next year if I shop early, I can remember to write down each present and its hiding place.


  1. Great story! Brought back many Christmas memories!

  2. Patty that is so me anymore, if I do shop early I always forget someones present until later in the day. I LOVE Your Stories!


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