Friday, October 15, 2010

I’ve never been much of a wine drinker…actually, I know nothing about wine. Lately though I’ve been taking the taste buds out for a spin and trying a few different ones. I find I mostly like the Zinfandel ones that are strawberry flavored. (Well this is all true about the not being much of a wine drinker if you discount the fact that I fell in love with Asti Spumante years ago…we’ve never had a close relationship, but if it was around, I was all for drinking some).

Anyway, with my new found desire to just maybe have a wine early in the evening, I learned there isn’t much of a lady like way to open it. The other night when the kids were here playing music with their dad, I thought “Ah Ha!!!, I’ll go open that bottle of wine I bought and drink some”. Now mind you, around here beverages usually open with a flip tab so we’ve never actually had a wine bottle opener to get the cork out so now my quandary was how do I get this out. Well, I can tell you digging with a knife, doesn’t work nor does a screw driver.

Soon the oldest son came in to get some coffee and saw me wrestling with the bottle of wine. I asked him could he help. We got out the can opener from the drawer (not the electric type, but the manual ones that you pierce a can with). I was thinking the sharp end of that might work. Nope, it didn’t.

Finally, son asked if I had a screw
…I did. Yeah me, I have one of those white plastic drawers under my laundry folding counter that is full of screws, nuts, bolts, cords or just anything that is left in the house by the hubs that doesn’t find it’s way back out to the garage even if it’s suppose to be a garage item.

Okay, so he screws the screw into the cork with the screw driver. Tried pulling…the screw pulled out of the the cork! The screw wasn’t screwed in far enough, but there was hope because there was enough of the cork left for a second try. Now screw is in further and son pulls on it. Now he’s a 42 year old man with some pretty good muscles, but that cork wasn’t budging. I was not about to give up because by now, I really needed a glass of that wine.

So, I remember I have a pair of pliers that the hubs got me for Christmas or some other holiday once, and I get those. Son uses them to pull on the screw. Finally, success!!!, the cork is out and I can now have a glass of wine from my wine glasses we got years ago for a house warming gift or wedding, who remembers?

Since then, I have purchased a wine corkscrew, and I tried using it all by myself…and it was a struggle. I thought I’d end up just breaking the top off and drinking, but finally that cork gave way. (since then I’ve seen a video on YouTube that you can just push the cork into the bottle, who knew?)

I find that if I’m going to drink a nice glass of wine in the evening, I either need to buy a bottle of wine that is for old folks that has a screw cap or call on the closest male with muscles.



  1. I can see that happening! LOL My wine here has a screw on top.LOL I've wanted to venture out and try new ones but really don't want to waste money on it if I don't like it. I like the sweet ones. Lambrusco really. Good for you for beating that cork! LOL

  2. Thanks Mary Alice...I tried a Moscato that was sweet, I like the sweet ones also, but that one ended up maybe too sweet. I'll have to try a Lambrusco. I see what you say about wasting money as I see wine is not very cheap.

  3. Oh, that's funny! Back when I used to drink, Zin was my favorite. jody

  4. Oh, even with a corkscrew, I've been known to make a mess out of wine opening! PB, I've somehow acquired 5 or 6 corkscrews over the years, which is ironic since we hardly ever drink wine. I should send you one! Also, if you buy the mini-sized bottles they sometimes sell in bins near the counter in liquor stores, they're mostly screw-tops and you can sample different kinds without a whole bottle commitment.

  5. PB, at least you didn't use your teeth. That's for more desperate measures. Stay clear of that!

    Love your blog and you've done a great job designing the overall look. Very attractive.

    Hang in there with the openers. I doubt I look very lady like when I open a bottle, but that's overrated anyway!

  6. As a lover of wine it's a shame they make you work so hard to get a glass of it! I will never forget my last night in Barcelona. We wanted to celebrate by drinking some wine by one of the fountains. No one had a cork screw so we tried jamming it down the neck and the wine went absolutely EVERYWHERE! All over our clothes, bags, and in our least we laughed about it and drank the night away :)

    ps. this is a really cute blog, well done!

  7. I like wine but hate to open them so I buy mine at speedway. LOL easy opening. Val

  8. :) SO will this be a corky memory, Peebs? ;) :) Love your little nook here in blogosphere.

  9. Thanks for visiting and commenting Kim...that's a compliment that you like my site considering all the expertise you have with sites and photos. And had to laugh because guess it would be a corky memory...~hugs~ to the gal who got me started blogging in the first place.

  10. There is a video (on Youtube maybe) demonstrating how to open a bottle of wine simply by hitting its bottom gently against a wall! I haven't tried it yet but will surely do so if ever I don't have a corkscrew but MUST have the wine! It sounds like you need to see this video, too. If I find it I'll send the url.

  11. Thanks Katie...definitely would be fun to see the video. I have since bought a corkscrew and learned how to use, but have also found I like a strawberry white zinfandel that has a screw on cap.....LOL

  12. I love Moscato, but I only drink the <$10 brand. Lambrusco is great for an even cheaper fix.

    When I was a server and I wasn't yet experienced in opening wine, I had to have the cook come out from the kitchen and open the wine for my guests. He was pretty disappointed in me. Years later and I still haven't mastered it. Another reason to stick with Lambrusco!

  13. Hi Holly and thanks for the visit. I've found that I'm still not much of a wine drinker but did recently try the Lambrusco. I've since bought a cork screw that I finally mastered, the one that has the handles that after you screw it in the cork and lift on the handles the cork comes out with ease. Thanks again for visiting and scribbling a comment.


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