Friday, March 11, 2011

Where to Put It???

Don't know what to do with that Digital Photo Frame that was so popular a few years ago (and probably still is)? Hubby got me one for Christmas when they were pretty much new on the market so off to work it went with me to sit on my desk and proudly display a slideshow of all my favorite photographs.

Since then, I was given the downsizing notice, and have been unemployed and enjoying retirement. So, what to do with the digital photo frame. I put it in a box and stored it away since I already have a computer that runs a slideshow of my pictures when I'm not on it.

With time on my hands, I began the fun job of doing some painting. I painted the grandbabies bedroom, painted the kitchen and repainted the bathroom. While doing the painting and some much needed clearing out of things that had been on my to do list while I worked, I rediscovered the Digital Photo Frame. I hated to let it go since it was a present. I considered sitting it on the kitchen counter, but seemed redundant since everyone could already see the slideshow that runs on my computer. So..........then I got the idea of why not the bathroom? Our bathroom is already stocked with handheld games that passes the time so I thought how about my Digital Photo Frame, which could entertain and might be a novelty for any guests to peruse while using the facilities and catch up on some family and scenery photos.

So that is where the Digital Photo Frame ended up. I just keep a flash drive of quite a bit of photos and the slideshow continues when you're at my house and you have to go, Enjoy The Scenery ~smiles~