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Pictorial Tuesday 12 13

We had our first snow. This was early morning while walking the dog. Just a dusting that was gone the next morning. Always no matter the age, it is exciting when the first snow arrives; even moreso when you wake and there it is...Surprise. Also, always helps with the Christmas mood to see the snow.

Christmas is coming and it's coming fast. Week-end after this one is it. Seems impossible we are to December already and Christmas approaching. Is everyone prepared....I'm not really.

Merry Christmas

It's Pictorial Tuesday so share your lovely photos, graphics or just comment. Try to visit others who link up. I've enjoyed meeting some new bloggers each week. Thank you so much to all who participate.

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~hugs 'n giggles 'n Christmas Blessings~


Sharing my lace bookmark...feel free to save to your file and print on cardstock. Enjoy!!

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  1. A pretty and festive basket. The composition of the photo is very nice.

  2. What my children wouldn't give to have a white Christmas!

  3. Every time I comment it seems to disappear.
    Sorry if you got this three times, (: Very pretty Christmas basket, enjoy the snow while you can and hope none of this awful cold comes your way.

  4. So pretty... I hope it snows here this year


  5. Love Season photos ~ lovely post ~ thanks,

    Wishing you peace in your days ~ ^_^

  6. Ooops - either I arrived late or your linkup closed quickly! Sorry I missed this week's party but thanks for joining us at
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Hi Sue...thanks for visiting and commenting even if you didn't get to link up. I may have closed it sooner than before. I'll have to check on that. Enjoy seeing your comment, and Merry Christmas to you also. I will do Pictorial Tuesday even though some are rushed...but with my family tied up elsewhere until right after the holiday, I'm free to play with the blogs and finish some baking. :)


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