Saturday, January 21, 2017

Sunday Scripture Blessings January 22

I'm re sharing part of a post that I did back in 2011 that I titled 'Where To Put It' in case some might enjoy this tip. I know the many visitors to our Powder Room/Dad's Office Open 24-7 (I jest here...haha) enjoyed it until just about a year ago when I repainted and papered the bathroom. Instead of the option of reading a newspaper or magazine, they were subjected to many family photos. :)

Don't know what to do with that Digital Photo Frame that was so popular a few years ago (and probably still is)? Hubby got me one for Christmas when they were pretty much new on the market so off to work it went with me to sit on my desk and proudly display a slide show of all my favorite photographs.

After retirement began, the digital frame came home and embraced the bathroom wall.

So that is where the Digital Photo Frame ended up. I just kept a flash drive of quite a bit of photos and the slide show continues when you're at my house and you have to go, Enjoy The Scenery ~smiles~


  1. I pray that our entire country would indeed embrace the new President.

  2. I'm also praying for our nation and our leaders.

  3. What a blessing that your son at 41 found the Lord!

  4. I am agreeing in prayer with you for our nation and president!

  5. Such a joy when one's children find the Lord - The Lord does hear our prayers - I'll keep on praying, also for your nation and president!

  6. Agreeing in prayer for our nation and for our new president and his administration!


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