Monday, March 13, 2017

March-The Gentle Lion Pictorial Tuesday

March this year came in like a Lion, but a tame Lion compared to years past. Especially memorable was one 30 plus years ago. And a few years prior to that, we had the Blizzard of 1978, which was a not so fun one. We spent three days in a house with twenty or more plus neighbors. We cooked over a fire in a fireplace. Thank heavens where we were had one. We survived, and the snow took weeks upon weeks to melt away.

Six years later, we had blizzard like conditions, when our third little one decided to make an entrance. The wind was howling and the snow was blowing and drifts knee high. My car wouldn't start to get me to the hospital, and even if it had, I could not have gotten out of my driveway. Hubby was on the road so it was up to me and her two brothers. We ended up calling the squad to take me. Their sister made her entrance the next afternoon. This past week our snow blizzard baby celebrated her birthday, but thank goodness we weren't also celebrating blizzard like conditions as well. She has now grown into a lovely young woman who is also a mom to our wonderful grandson.

So, to say the least, this winter has been very gentle indeed. The Lion must have a cold or sore throat and is not howling here in Ohio like normal for March entrance. However, we are slated to have some snow, probably more than we've had all winter beginning tonight, but sounds like just normal winter snow...nothing severe.

Please share some of your photographic moments, a graphic or just an hello. Hope all are staying warm wherever you live or staying cool in the hot climates. :)

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Sharing my video of  Mr. Bird from this morning..that's what we call the cardinals that have been at the bird feeder lately. Mr. and Mrs. Bird. ~smiles~ so hope you enjoy. I could only capture Mr. Bird today.

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Note: The birthday banner was found at Shabby Blogs.


  1. Happy birthday to your girl! The world weather is certainly topsy-turvy these days. It's now March and it still feels like winter weather here.

    1. Thank you Buckeroomama...I miss the young years when my kids were at home and we'd celebrate their special day. Now they're all married with kids of their own, and we still celebrate, but not the same. Life moves on though. ~smiles~

  2. Blessed birthday to your daughter! Our March has been rainy, rainy, rainy so far!


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