Monday, May 15, 2017

Pictorial Tuesday 5 16

This is from a few years ago and was taken at one of the areas below one of the dams that isn't too far from us. Took the grandson when he was smaller and we found a play park there also.

The weather has turned warm this week, the rains seem to be over for a while, the planters my hubby built me have been treated today so that I can now plant some flowers. Looking forward to being outside with my coffee on the patio or porch. Razzy Fur Baby loves going out and sitting while we enjoy the mornings.

I've decided since too hard to have a flower bed and weed it, I decided that I wanted just planters so hubby built me four for the front of the house. He's new at woodworking, but they turned out just fine for me. Looking forward to a trip to the local nursery and getting flowers in them...maybe tomorrow. What is the saying, if you don't find them handsome at least find them handy. haha

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Sharing one of my painted textures with you. You can download it HERE without the Logo.
Hope you like it and if you use it would love to see what you created.

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  1. What a great planter. I'm trying to convince the RG to at least cut back in some areas and switch to pots.

    1. I'm really just no green thumb so planters will work better with that as I age. These old bones don't bend as well as they use to. Thanks for visiting and commenting. ~hugs~

  2. Your husband did a great job on those planters! We had so much rain this spring, too! It's supposed to clear up tomorrow and boy am I glad!

  3. That looks like a solid planter. :) I think planters are neater and much more manageable than flower beds.

  4. These water pics are so very calming. I think I could spend the entire day there just to decompress and relax. Haven't been around much lately. Maybe that's a blog post when I can pull thoughts together for longer than 5 minutes. And the planter? A marvelous idea and this one will look awesome when you have it filled with color. I hope you post a shot of the filled planter. Hope your week was wonderful. xo

    1. Loved seeing your visit...~hugs 'n gentle squeeze to you and hubby~ hope things are easing up a bit for you two.

      One picture of the planters. Ended up with him making me five...he was enjoying so much and couldn't stop. haha


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