Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pictorial Tuesday Link Up 6 20

Found this at Goodwill shop last fall so she was a 'must have'. :)

Sharing some of my 2017 flowers.

It's another Pictorial Tuesday so I'm looking forward to what you've been shooting.

You're Next for sharing. Thanks..

~hugs 'n giggles 'n scribbles~



  1. lovely flowers.

    Thanks for hosting :)

  2. Your flower captures are lovely! The colors are so vibrant. I was just eyeing a place in my yard that I thought would be perfect for a stone statue. Yours is adorable. xoxo

  3. The water drops on the petals are beautiful. Lovely shot!

  4. I keep forgetting to add your link up to my weekly post... Those are so bright and cheerful!

  5. Beautiful series of images



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