Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Pictorial Tuesday and a Free Gift 9 25

Fall has arrived but the temperatures are still in the upper 80's and low 90's. We had Fall weather at the end of August and now last week and this, it is like mid Summer weather. I'll take it, but really prefer the crisper mid 80's and 70's for Fall. It's really just too hot to get into anything outside. We did manage to get the above ground pool taken down, and it will be thrown away. It's just the vinyl one that is 4 ft deep by 15ft, I think. We've had one for several years, and they're nice, but just too expensive to have the water hauled plus too much work for we older folks.

I made this Fall digital kit that I'm sharing as a free kit (minus the baby picture). It will have the elements, and you can insert a picture in the frame or just put some word quotes, etc. Hope you enjoy. The shadow of the boy with the string to the balloon is actually taken from a photo that I took of kids playing with balloons at a graduation party and the picture turned out really dark, but I was able to extract the kid's shadows from it to use in my digital scrapping.

You can download the Fall Kit HERE
I look forward to what everyone is sharing this week.

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Sharing a Tip:
When I picked the wrapping paper for the grand-daughter's birthday present, I wanted ribbon to match. The Dollar Tree had some that were curly, but I decided if I bought the same or matching paper that I wrapped the presents in, I could make my own. I used my paper shredder and put some pieces through, and then with my scissors I ran the edge gently along to curl the pieces of paper. Then I gathered them to put on the presents. I have, in the past, also shredded wrapping paper to top off a present that is in a gift bag.

I shared the tip for the bag toppers at my other site, but am sharing it here also:

I saw on The Spotted Canary television show this nifty way to present a gift in a bag without having to purchase the tissue that is usually just tossed away.  Here are a couple copies of the bag that I decorated for my daughter-in-law’s birthday gift. I think it’s so much more clever than the usual, and it gives them a closure to keep for their next gift bag present.
Bag Topper Lisa

To make these toppers, you make your design on cardstock decorating the same on each side of the cardstock fold in half. Then you measure the width of the handles, and with an exacto knife make a slit in the fold. Then you can simply slip your decorated cardstock over the handles and it will cover the top of the bag. I love this idea for all occasions and at Christmas.

(I didn't link the Spotted Canary because when I checked, it seems their link is no longer live. Use to enjoy their tips when they were on television on PBS.)

Happy Crafting


  1. That's a good idea with curling the ends of strips of paper. Thanks for sharing!

    We don't get fall the way you guys do (leaves changing color, etc.), but I am SO ready for cooler weather. It's still summer weather here right now.

  2. I'm sooooo with you on the "Autumn temps"! Ours have been entirely too hot here in middle Missouri as well. Tomorrow is suppose to be in the 70s and I'm pretty excited about it. Your template is so cute! And your crafty crafting ideas are adorable. Hope you're having a wonderful week.


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