Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Pictorial Tuesday 10 24 17

 Razzy is my FurBaby. Razzy is now 6. Each of our children had a dog, and not long after the daughter was out on her own, our last furbaby, Kassy, passed. So, we had decided no more dogs, right? Well, 7 years passed, and I decided I wanted another one. Hubby was out on the road so I called to ask if he minded if I got a dog. He said up to me since I'd be the one training, etc. as he traveled. Anyway, when I called, I already had Razzy. When hubby got home, he said..I didn't think you meant right away. haha I knew he would love him and he does, and has spoiled him. Even though Razzy is mostly my furbaby, he shares his time for babying between both of us. 

 This is Chelsea is our first Grand-furbaby (she just visited this past weekend)
When my son got a divorce, Chelsea came home for a bit with him...that was over 7 year ago. Anyway, Chelsea was not house broke at all, and she was about 4 or 5 at the time. So, the job came to me since our son was home again with his dog, and was apparent, he did not know how to train a dog. Chelsea is my proof that older dogs are trainable. She's a good pup now and asks to go out and to come back in. Chelsea is getting on in years. She's about 12 now. Lazy as can be and very much has separation anxiety when my son is not around her. Son has remarried, and the dog went with him. 
That's Chelsea's Story

This is Ghost our second Grand-furbaby. Ghost belongs to my daughter, her hubby, and my grandson. Last year at Christmas, my now son-in-law asked my daughter to take Ghost out. And when she took his leash, there was an engagement ring attached. He then proposed to my daughter. They were married this past July in a beautiful wedding. Ghost is timid, but he is getting use to when I visit and doesn't bark as much. Soon as I'm in a bit, I give him a treat, and then he rolls over for a belly rub. haha
That's Ghost's Story

That's My Dog Tales ~smiles~

Graphic Fun 

Showcasing Images by Designers I've found around the net

Images on my Fall graphic above are found at www.graphicgarden.com.
She has some really cute things that she shares and some are purchase.
Her name is Helena. Pop by and check out her page.

The background texture is mine as well as the tree on the right (an Adobe brush) and the leafs in the tree as well as along the bottom. You can pick up the background texture HERE (without my logo)

You're next for sharing your photos, graphics or photo art.

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  1. Your fur babies are adorable! My daughter and her two besties will go all crazy when I show them the pics. They're gaga for dogs!

  2. Glad to know you can teach an old dog new tricks! Sorry about your son's divorce, Hope he's ok now.

  3. Cute fur babies!
    Thanks for linking up at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2017/10/blacksmiths-at-work.html

  4. Adorable dogs. I had to talk my non-dog-person husband into letting me adopt a senior Golden Retriever a few years ago, so we went out to meet her. She took one look at him, jumped up, put her paws on his chest and gazed into his eyes. He was a goner. We had some wonderful years with her, and after she died, he didn't want another dog. Then I saw our Bonnie (that was already her name) on the SPCA website, and he agreed to meet her. She was very shy because she had been abused before arriving there, and the staff members were working with her. She had arrived with four puppies. They were adopted before she was, so she was very sad. We took her for walks for a week before we brought her home. By then, he had fallen in love with his new walking companion. She is as different from a Golden as she can be, so we can't make comparisons. The only problem—she's a 'smallish' terrier multi-mix and might outlive us, so we are going to add her to our wills as soon as we decide who deserves her!
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. Anyway, when I called, I already had Razzy. LOL! You're a woman after my own heart! I love you dog tails...especially the one about Ghost. What a wonderful memory and story to tell their children. Seems like once a pupper has taken over your heart, you simply cannot live without one of them. Cabo is our fur baby and when he went to the groomers for the day.....I missed him! Hope your weekend is wonderful. Thanks for sharing your puppets with us. xoxo


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