Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Pictorial Tuesday ~ 12 26 17

Cannot believe this is my last Pictorial Tuesday of 2017. Where did this year go?

Hope all had a nice and Merry Christmas. I spent pretty much from right before Thanksgiving and Christmas getting a cold, then feeling bit better after Thanksgiving and then the week of Christmas, it became flu like. Thank God that the fever left and I felt at least good enough to get things done so my kids could come for our Christmas Eve get together dinner. Then Christmas Day, I pretty much slept the day away so I apologize that this photo is from a different year, but pretty much how today was a twin to this. It is 15 outside and cold, cold, but we did have snow that started Christmas Eve so it ended up a White Christmas Eve. Then today, the wind had pretty much blown it away so thankfully we didn't even have to plow the driveway.

I'm the one that always has the camera and people saying there she is taking photos again, and they give the hand wave like not me...don't take my picture. haha But this year, I did not get any Christmas pictures of the family together. I'm hoping maybe the daughter did and can share with me. :)

Anyway, looking forward to your sharings for this week's Pictorial Tuesday; You're Next.

~hugs 'n giggles 'n sniffles~ haha (see what I did there?)



  1. glad to hear you had an "almost white" christmas. Ours was grey and dirty outdoors :( No pretty views to photograph.

    1. the blue in my post is lamp bulbs in a hedge :)

    2. Thank you...the curiosity was getting the better of me. haha I could not guess what it was. Very interesting shot.

  2. Ours was sunny here in Northern California. Hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks for hosting.

  3. All we could do was dream about a white Christmas. I'm sure our snowy time will come. - Margy

  4. Great photo, we got snow today also. Thanks for sharing :)


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