Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Pictorial Tuesday 3 27 18

The Springtime snow is melting and looks to be in 50's and warmer for this week going into Easter. Will have rain, but I think snow may be done. The weather has been up and down all Winter.

I've cooked at all the holidays since in my twenties. Kids all grown, and now with sharing with their in-laws, etc., I am getting a break. So Easter dinner, if the weather holds to be true and Sunny, hubby and I are having a cook out. No big Easter dinner, just him and I and maybe a steak on the grill. :)
Hope all have a good week.

Thanks for sharing your photography with Pictorial Tuesday. Link is below.

~hugs 'n giggles 'n scribbles~


  1. enjoy your Easter and the beginnings of spring.

  2. Steak on the grill sounds great!

    The warm weather is definitely here (as you can see from picture). :)

  3. Very beautiful photo and I hope that you have a wonderful Easter.

  4. That's a sweet photo. The flower is pretty. A cook-out sounds wonderful. Enjoy your day. :-)

  5. So lovely! Something to look forward to.

  6. It's different when the holidays begin to change. The last two Christmases one of our daughters has wanted to host at her home. Easter my youngest daughter's in-laws have invited us over the past few years to their home in the country after we all get done with church.

  7. Not doing any cooking sounds wonderful for Easter.

  8. I'm glad your snow events may be finished. We have 1-3 inches of snow forecasted for Easter! Not sure we'll be BBQing Easter dinner! I wish for you and yours a very happy and blessed Easter. xoxox


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