Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday Scripture Blessings 3 18 18

John 3:16-21 AMP

16 For God so greatly loved and dearly prized the world that He [even] gave up His only begotten ([d]unique) Son, so that whoever believes in (trusts in, clings to, relies on) Him shall not perish (come to destruction, be lost) but have eternal (everlasting) life. 17 For God did not send the Son into the world in order to judge (to reject, to condemn, to pass sentence on) the world, but that the world might find salvation and be made safe and sound through Him. 18 He who believes in Him [who clings to, trusts in, relies on Him] is not judged [he who trusts in Him never comes up for judgment; for him there is no rejection, no condemnation—he incurs no damnation]; but he who does not believe (cleave to, rely on, trust in Him) is judged already [he has already been convicted and has already received his sentence] because he has not believed in and trusted in the name of the only begotten Son of God. [He is condemned for refusing to let his trust rest in Christ’s name.] 19 The [basis of the] judgment (indictment, the test by which men are judged, the ground for the sentence) lies in this: the Light has come into the world, and people have loved the darkness rather than and more than the Light, for their works (deeds) were evil. 20 For every wrongdoer hates (loathes, detests) the Light, and will not come out into the Light but shrinks from it, lest his works (his deeds, his activities, his conduct) be exposed and reproved. 21 But he who practices truth [who does what is right] comes out into the Light; so that his works may be plainly shown to be what they are—wrought with God [divinely prompted, done with God’s help, in dependence upon Him].

From Saturday's reading...John 7 and 8

A fun Bible Journaling Tip: If you do Bible Journaling, using is a good way to get some awesome designs to use as tip ins or copy on vellum paper or however. I did my heart one that is on my photo above and the one below at their site. Some can be designed for free just using your words like the ones that I did, and I don't think you have to create an account or anything to use their site.

You're next for sharing Scripture Blessing.

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  1. I love that word art! I'm going to check it out. Thank you for sharing the link.

  2. I did a word art of all the towns we've lived in once but forgot all about it until you mentioned it. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Thank you for presenting the Gospel so clearly today! Love John 3!

  4. I love that image! So beautiful. Thank you for the tip about word art. I will have to check it out.

  5. Thank you for the tip - checking out Word Art! :)

  6. I love that word art of For God so Loved the World!

  7. I love the effects! They are so creative.

  8. Oh my, Peabea, I love the treatment effect you used on this shot. I will certainly check out the site you credited for the effect. I wish for you a blessed Easter. And, thank you so much for your kind words on my Sparks post. I sincerely appreciate your encouragement. xoxo


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