Monday, April 16, 2018

Mercy Life In The Season of Dying Book Review

Author: Peter Roebbelen
Publisher: Paraclete Press

"We are all born powerless and we all die powerless."

The author uses that phrase, but his book recounts the many ways people do have power over how they perceive and face dying. But more so, his book is about how family and loved ones can celebrate the life shared. He shares how there is life in dying. In his book, he shares some intimate stories of his life as a pastor and the times he's been privileged more by the joy shared and strength of those to whom he's ministered. He shares their stories.

In this book, the author broaches a subject from which most shy away. But with his sharing, there are some important points we may not have considered. It may not be a subject most are looking to read about, but the insights shared are worth the read.

The author writes in an easy flowing manner as he shares each story, and makes for wanting to head on to the next chapter.

Basically, this isn't a book that I might have chosen as a read. But once I started the book, I read on with anticipation of the stories he was sharing, and what needed information could be garnered from the stories. Without spoilers, I'll just say give Mercy a try. It may be a surprise subject matter that touches your heart more than you'd expect.

A Note About The Author:
Peter Roebbelen has been in pastoral ministry for over thirty years and has befriended and cared for many in their season of dying. He is the President of the Charis Foundation, a Christian organization desiring to see all people move from suffering to flourishing. Peter is a graduate of Tyndale University College and Seminary and Arrow Leadership. He and his wife, Sharon, live in Oakville, Ontario.

I received a copy of  MERCY LIFE IN THE SEASON OF DYING from the publisher. No review positive or otherwise was required. All review opinions are my own.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful book on a subject that isn't often met with much positivity! Thanks you for sharing!


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