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Sunday Scripture Blessings with Link Up ~ A Salute To All Veterans ~ 5 27 18

When young, all I knew of war was my grandparents and mom telling about the world war. They still hadn't gotten over being so careful to save and the bread lines, but times were getting better. I knew nothing of war until after I was first married. The draft in America was common. At 18, the young men had to sign up. Then Vietnam happened. The young friends were beginning to know what their draft number meant. Some worried when they would be called, some were excited to go and serve in a foreign country. Some had never traveled any further than our home town.

By the grace of God, my new husband was saved from the war because President Kennedy said any married man didn't have to go. We were relieved.

Then we received the news that my younger sister's boyfriend and friend since middle school who had been drafted right out of high school was killed within the first few months that he was in Vietnam. He was only 18. If you knew Allan, you knew a smile would be on your face because he was always ready with a way to make you laugh. Day by day we would hear of friend's names that were killed. It was a long war. It was a hard time for quite a while for my sister. Life had changed drastically from the carefree years of youth.

This Memorial Week-end and every day, I honor the ones who make my America safe by their heroism. Thank you to all Veterans who serve in any capacity. I admire and respect them, and hope all have a nice Memorial holiday. I say a prayer for all veterans that life blesses each and every one, and if it doesn't that God intercedes and gives them all that they need and deserve. I know America is lacking in how well we do take care of our vets, and that is sad.

Below is a link to a list of ones who died from Ohio during Vietnam if you would like to look at it. I honor their names:

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends. John 15:13 NIV

Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked. Psalm 82: 3-4

A poem I wrote to honor my adopted POW

Bring my baby least for a day
Even if I can't wipe the tears away -
At least I can see him one more time...
And then in my heart, I'll know he's fine -
He was so young when he went away....
he had no idea it would be such a long stay -
He has suffered so much for you and I...
please bring my baby home before I die -
I just need to gaze on his face once more...
So long since he left our shore -
I'll hold him in such a long embrace...
Ahhhh..just to see that face -
It's weathered, It's worn...He looks so forlorn -
He has longed to be home for so many years...
He long ago forgot how to cry many tears -
He doesn't even know or remember who he set out to be...
He only remembers that he saved you and me And
the wonderful land once more that our forefathers named
when they reached this shore
That's what my baby did for you and me -
He didn't ask much...
He was so proud to go do his duty with the rest of the crowd -
But he just wants to come home now and rest...
He is so weary -
Author/Trabonet (peabea)
Copyright © July 1999

Please share a Sunday Scripture Blessing in the link up below. You're welcome to share the name of a veteran you honor in the comment section also. Have a nice Memorial Holiday.

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  1. Thank you for remembering our veterans in such a beautiful way!

  2. What a beautiful poem. I always attend the Memorial Day parade and ceremonies. I feel as if it is my duty to attend. It saddens me that in many places it's not more well attended. Here, on this tiny sort-of-an-island, where I live, Memorial day is a really big deal. The town goes all out to decorate and clean up after the long winter. There are flags on the phone poles all along the parade route.

  3. Yes, we must not forget the sacrifices made for our freedom. Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

  4. I have many family members serve and my own Hubby is a veteran of the Gulf War. We have raised our kids to understand how important it is to remember those who gave their lives for freedom.


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