Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Pictorial Tuesday 6 12 18 Link Up And Some Knitting

Some may remember that I've always crocheted, loved to sew and do crafts since forever. Now though, I'm learning to knit. Below are a some pictures of my projects. I've made two hats and have followed along with The Casting On Couch on how to make a cable scarf. It's in process as well as making a very easy first shawl. Actually, I will be working on two shawls as I just purchased yarn today to start another bit more advanced one.

Some may have already seen my 2nd hat. Done except deciding if I want a pom pom  or tassel on it.

This is the cable scarf in process that I am following the pattern from The Casting On Couch. Check out her site for some great knitting information and pattern tutorials. I also found some great tips at WOOLANDTHEGANG YouTube site. If you click on my cable scarf and see the purple strands of yarn, I found that tip at woolandthegang and it is a life saver for if you goof up and have to go back. Just sewing it through where you know you've done okay so far and then if a mistake is made you can pull the stitches out back to that point and continue on. (And of course once the knitting project is done just simply pull out the sewn in threads). She explains it better than me. You'll find this tip at the 18:45 point in the video, but all the other tips are worth watching especially if you're new to knitting.

I had thought I might make stitch markers since I use to make jewelry and also saw that others make them too. These are the two I've made so far. (sorry not a great photo)

This shawl pattern I found free at loveknitting.com. It is done in three colors with white as the top color, but I'm only doing it in this rose color with white at the top. Not sure I'm really liking it, but is giving me practice on such a large set of circular needles. The next shawl that I'm going to start looks to be much prettier.

This is one of some of my first practicing with just knitting and learning not to drop stitches. Wasn't sure what to do with it, but then I found this really cute clasp on clearance at Hobby Lobby and then this practice became Voila - a small purse.

Just some of what I've been keeping myself busy with besides other crafts. Also trying my hand at learning Calligraphy, but that's for another day.

The Lilly bulbs that my son bought and planted when he moved back home for a bit about 7 years ago have bloomed. It's like a gift each year all over again.

Thanks for visiting Pictorial Tuesday. As always, I look forward to your photography sharing. You're next for linking up your photography, photography art from a photo or graphics.

~hugs 'n giggles 'n scribbles~


I learned to make a digital prong so I'm sharing it today. You can download it HERE as a .png 
Hopefully you will enjoy using it in your digital scrapbooking or however. Would love to see a link to how you used it. 

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  1. Nice things - I should to begin knitting again! These Lilay are wonderful!
    Don't know, how to use a digital prong, never tried digital scrapbooking, I make all in real on paper...
    Enjoy your week

  2. Beautiful work.
    Thank you for hosting.

  3. it's been so cold here I think I need to pull out my beanie! I've been absent the last month, but now I am back and enjoying linking up again. Thanks!

  4. Beautiful work. I've tried my hand a knitting a couple times - it was fun, but not my thing. I do appreciate the work and artistry that goes into it.

  5. Ooh, the lilies are lovely!

    Ah, knitting... one of those things I intend to learn, but never get around to doing it.

  6. Aren't you clever. Love the bejewelled bit

  7. Very cool. I wish I could do that. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wondeful week.

  8. That's a sweet hat, with or without the pom pom. I like seeing other people's knitting projects. My hands cry when I knit, as does my skin from the yarn. Funny how aging does things to me. Oh well, I'm finding other creative outlets. :-)

  9. That hat looks so soft and cozy! Thanks for sharing your impressive projects. I could never do that.

  10. The cable stitch is where I paused when learning to knit. Good for you! Thank-you for hosting.

  11. No matter how hard I try I just can't knit! You are doing great!


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