Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Pictorial Tuesday 8 7 18

Sharing some photos from when my daughter, grandson, and I visited my son and family that lived out in Santa Rosa, CA at the time. We did do some of the touristy sites, but I'd always wanted to visit a lighthouse so they took us to one that was the closest to them even though we drove a few hours to it. We visited Bodega Bay first and then the lighthouse that is at Inverness, CA.

Exploring the cliffs

Daughter walks down to meet the Pacific and the waves came in to meet her. :)

Day started dreary but turned out beautiful in the afternoon

My daughter and son

My daughter and her son

That was our first stop at Bodega Bay

From there, we drove to Inverness to see the Lighthouse. It was quite a drive out to it, and then we had to walk up and over a bit and then we were greeted with steps down to the lighthouse. It is noted that there are 308 steps pretty much equal to 30 flights of stairs. This is posted so you can decide if you want to go down and back up. Down for me, being in my late 60's at the time wasn't so bad, but thank heavens they had seats at different points coming back up. The rest faired well and traveled right back up. The lighthouse is no longer a working lighthouse so we were able to go inside but not up to the top, which was disappointing. If you've ever watched The Fog with Adrienne Barbeau this is the lighthouse, which I had no clue until I happened to catch that old movie on a Saturday afternoon year or so later.

This is the light workings

The keeper at the lighthouse said sometimes you can see the Porpoise run, but we missed them.

Elk were on the roadside hill as we walked back down to the car.

For more on the Lighthouse just Google Inverness lighthouse and lots come up about it.

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  1. Two things: I love Santa Rosa (was married there!) and Bodega Bay. Good for you for doing all those steps. Second this is that I cannot get the linky thing to work. I fill everything in, click SAVE, and nothing. Not sure what I am doing wrong. The blog link is http://www.lovethatimage.com/blog/2018/08/tomato-harvest-2/ but I'll try again tomorrow to see if I can upload the other links I have to post. Have a great week and thanks for hosting.

  2. Here's entry # 2 http://www.lovethatimage.com/blog/2018/08/flowers-at-the-front-door/

  3. What stunning shots. There's a lot majesty in the ocean.

  4. Your photos are lovely and your family is beautiful!

  5. Lovely shots. The lighthouse one is amazing!

  6. Beautiful photos of the lighthouse! My family loves visiting lighthouses when we're on vacation.

  7. It looks like you had a lot of family fun. And a great new header!

  8. I've always had a rather romantic views about lighthouses, and always wanted to stay in one, but I know the reality is far different. I believe it has been National Lighthouse Day in the USA. Beautiful family memories. Thanks for sharing, and for the link up.

  9. The cliffs are amazing. Wonderful shots.
    Thank you for hosting.

  10. What a beautiful family and looks like a lovely afternoon. What a sweet surprise to see the elk.


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