Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Pictorial Tuesday Link Up 10 19 2021

Took a 4 hour trip to my son's so I could watch the grand-daughter play baseball. This was a plus of my visit. The deer come right up beside the house and eat along with some squirrels. When their chickens are out, they join in the feast that my son and family provide them. The mom comes along to keep watch. Then they head back down to their woods. It was like visiting a Nature area with the birds that were in the trees, and they also enjoyed the corn. (Pictures were taken through a window so quality not as great, but I didn't dare go outside and scare them away).

On my walk with Razzy, my furry friend, these were all over the ground under a tree. Think it's an acorn nut. Razzy had to check them out and give them a sniff. lol

The holly berries are back along the tree row by where I walk. The leaves don't look at pretty as in years past. Probably our dry Summer wasn't a help.

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  1. The deer must be like kangaroos here. We were recently in a small town where they were wandering in gardens and up the street! Can you eat holly berries? Have a lovely week and thank you again for the link up.

  2. This was a very good trip for photos!


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