Monday, November 28, 2022

Pictorial Potpourri Tuesday Link Up 11 29 2022

 Thanksgiving has come and gone. Hoping all had a nice meal, and family time. Then the flurry of Black Friday shopping. Actually, it was many days this year. Where I live, people no longer had to work on Thanksgiving day. However, I'm sure there were those that had to in the medical field as well as officers and fire department workers. Thanks to all of them. I've never really done Black Friday shopping. I applaud those that have their list and no what they want to buy. I am a procastinator, and usually am shopping the last minute. Anyway, hope all had a nice Thanksgiving holiday. Now on to Christmas. yay!

Thrifting Find:

Year before last, I pitched my tree and some decorations to Goodwill. Since my hubby passed three years ago, it's just not been the same for me. Maybe, I'm coming out of the grief stage more because this year, I now want to celebrate Christmas. Not so much the presents as family has decided there are no need for gifting as all pretty much buy what they want and/or need. Anyway, what I'm on about is have you priced Christmas trees lately? The cost is out of site. I was looking and all are out of my budget. Even the smaller ones are upwards of $100 and not prelit so that's extra exprense. Anyway, long story short, I found a 7.5 ft tree at Goodwill. I'm thrilled with it. I haven't had a large tree in few years because decorating it is time consuming. Anyway, this year, I am in the mood again, and have decorated it. Best part is that it only cost me $10. Love my $10 thrift find. Original price shows $140 and that was probably few years back so not sure the cost would be today. More than my budget I'm sure. Picture is my thrifted tree.

I loved this that was in one of those musical Wish Boxes that I got for my hubby years back. It fit my heart perfectly. Not sure the author because I don't see it nor do I see a copyright on the box so I'm sharing it. It is not my work, but I did embellish it some with my words for him. Along with the poem, the little box plays music. 

Your Love Puts a Song In My Heart

Hope all have a really great week. I'm looking forward as lights start popping up around me with Christmas decorations. Advent began on Sunday for the Christians that celebrate so I do remember the reason for the Season. I love what the candles stand for although I don't actively do all that some do during Advent. HOPE, PEACE, JOY, LOVE  is the four candles and Christ is the 5th. No matter what you celebrate, enjoy as the Holiday season begins. Can't believe end of this week is December. 

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  1. Peabea, I would call that your miracle tree. I hope it will be a comfort to you this season.

  2. The decorations look lovely on your thrifted tree. Hope your Christmas would be joyful after the long lull.

  3. Beautiful Christmas tree decorations and festive words !

  4. Well done. Now it is time to do this and you will always remember your husband with your heart. bad feelings can arise unexpectedly. Tree or not. But it's good to do things in all the brokenness of life. It's a big tree!

  5. We need a little Christmas right this very minute! Thank you

  6. Very nice. Love your tree. Thanks for hosting and I hope you have a wonderful week.

  7. Oh boy, you are way ahead of me:) Wish you lived close, so you could do my tree:):) - very pretty!

  8. Not only did you get a great deal on that tree, it sounds like it's already been a real blessing and comfort to you.


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