Sunday, April 2, 2023

Sunday Scripture ~ Palm Sunday 4 2 2023


Happy Palm Sunday as we head toward coming to the other side of the Cross on Easter. Thankful that I'm on this side of the Cross and aware of why Jesus came and to die for us. 


The Lepers had a serious, painful desease. How grateful they must have been for the relief of healing even if they didn't voice it. How much better to have said thank you, and be appreciative. We should be mindful of the large and the small things in life that we are grateful for. Most come from Jesus even when we may not realize it. Others may come from family or friends. Be grateful of their kindness, and say thank you. They do kind things because they love you same as Jesus does.

Thankful for God's son who came, who died on the cross for me. Amazing thought.

Enjoy your day, and week.


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