Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Song

We all three had our glasses on
We went to lunch and they played a song
We said “Oh My” remember this ~
The song that never left our lips
That as a child we sang ~ the song that never leaves the lips

There we were all worn and grey
But we still enjoy the day
Our hearts and our minds are young ~ we laugh ~ we talk
But we no longer run

As children we ran and played the day away
But now that we’re worn and grey
to lunch we go ~ to spend the day
To say in touch ~ to laugh and play
But no longer can we run

And on that day, the song came on that never left our lips
A song we sang when we were young

“Oh yes” we remember
When the song came on
Each of us smiled that smile of wonderment that only in our
minds could we picture it

The days at play ~ the song that never went away
A song for only us three ~ a song that told us we were meant to be
Each one special in her own way ~ as we ran and played

The song of the young ~ the song that young ones sing so sweet
Because the song that came on that day was
a baby sweet sitting with her mom ~ giggling and singing ~
As only children do ~

The song that never leaves the lips
The song of ~Youth ~
That is remembered by three old ladies

© Patricia B. 2009 all rights reserved

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