Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sometimes I Like Christmas



Playing with my phone camera (no, not new for Christmas ~ have had it for a while, but I do like the different photo options). However, seems that it is starting to have a problem...see the streaks?

Anyway, sometimes I do like Christmas, but as I age and the children are all grown now with schedules of their own, I admit ~ I MISS THE DAYS OF YOUNG ONES!! I miss the big family get togethers, but as I age there are less and less to get together. Also, the memories that dredge up during this time of year, I feel like my brain is a computer that I can't shut down as the memories flood in of years past. Maybe that is what the story A Christmas Past is all about. I feel like during this season, I am visited more and more by that ghost. The ghosts of little ones peeking out from their bedrooms before they come get me and their dad shouting He Came, Santa Came! The ghosts of children as they age and the look on their faces as they realized Christmas is truly a special time. The ghosts of tree decorating and the ornaments hung mish mash by little hands. But, as the day of Christmas Eve and Christmas arrive, the family gets together and the ghost of memories are banished to new memories.
Razzy (my fur baby) received his Christmas present early on the day before Christmas Eve. I decided to use up material and make (instead of buying) him a puppy bed. He usually just slept in some pillows I'd made for him when he first came as a puppy. I think he likes it, he kept getting in it when I was putting it together on the floor and deciding on how large. He likes to sleep stretched out so I made it a bit bigger for him.

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Merry Christmas