Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Scribbles ~ Repost

Reposting one of my blogs from 2010. Still true each Christmas. :)

I still find at my golden age that Christmas is such a magical time of year. The anticipation of the coming holidays, the cooking, the children coming home, the complete package is what the anticipation is all about. I still get the excitement of a little girl.

I’m among those that love the shopping and wrapping. Each wrapped package is a masterpiece when you add the purchased or handmade bows and adornments. Once the packages are wrapped and arranged under the tree, each represents all the memories you had of that person while picking out their present. I love the memories that conjure as I shop to pick out the present. Perhaps it is memories from childhood when buying a gift for a sibling or memories of the young or grown children. All the memories as I wrap and add
a bow are from life experiences that we have shared or as a parent were able to pass onto children are a wonderful present to myself as well.

My wish is that all children and adults could have a wonderful package of happy and wonderful, memorable memories. Sadly, that is not always the case.

Along with the anticipation of the holidays come dreaded times for some people; especially those who have families and are unable to provide not only Christmas gifts, but a home and living year round. Those who have no family or have lost loved ones. The holidays most likely bring home the sadness and the heartbreak for those people.

As I sit and look at the ornaments on the tree and their wonderful glow from the lights and the colorful ornaments, I reflect on my good fortune and say a prayer of thankfulness and also a prayer for those less fortunate. There are so many good charities out there that try to provide for all, and my prayer is also that no one goes without.

Since the children are grown and with families of their own, we no longer celebrate Christmas by giving presents. We celebrate with spending the day eating good food, playing games (board games along with the Wii games). There are presents under the tree that are for winners of each game. They can go pick an unmarked gift. Sometimes we have a white elephant Christmas, which is fun to see what someone donates. One year we had a garage sale Christmas, and some of the gifts were hilarious.

No doubt though, we always have presents for the little or younger ones who spend some of their evening in this technical day and age tracking Santa’s whereabouts on the computer. Their excitement is amazing to watch as they learn what part of the country Santa is passing over in his sleigh. Their magic is what the Santa part of Christmas is all about.

Since we have a 4 year old grandbabykins living in our house, one of his most fun statements he has made so far this Christmas is that Santa has a list. He has a Good List and a Snotty List.

So you better watch out and you better not pout or according to my grandson, you might just end up on Santa’s Snotty. LOL

Do you have a favorite charity? Mine is usually the Salvation Army because as a youngster they provided our Christmas when my mom, who was a single mom trying raise three little girls, had no resources to provide a Christmas let alone food. They brought it all.

Just a couple of links I found for ideas for charities

The following is a great article at with some ideas for charity ideas at this time of year.
An article with ideas and tips to remember before giving to charities can be found on

You can visit All Things Christmas also for a list of some Christmas charities.

Remember you can always re-gift that new Christmas present you received last year or gift card that you just know you won’t be using to a favorite charity.

Scribbled by peaba

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  1. Love the snotty list! I think I may have made it on to that one a few times.

    1. Your comment made me laugh. I probably did too. Thanks for visiting and commenting. :)


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