Monday, October 31, 2016

Leaf Play

She raked...then it was full on Leaf Play when the grand-daughter visited last week-end.


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Happy Monday,
~hugs 'n giggles~

Note: texture on first picture is from French Kiss Collections


  1. Such fun to toss 'em up in the air!
    Thanks for joining us at

    1. Enjoy seeing your visit and thanks for linking up to Pictorial Friday. :)

  2. Fall wouldn't be fall without playing in the leaves!

    1. So true...she wore herself out to the point of way past tired and cranky, but she had fun. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Enjoy all comments I receive. :)

  3. Oh how leaves can bring out the child in all of us! WHile walking with my husband this weekend through leaf-laden streets, I suddenly got the urge in my 58 year old heart to RUN through them!

    Thank you so much for coming to visit my post. Our flowers as well are strangely hanging on but are so beautiful as they contrast against the fallen leaves.....happy November!

  4. These are so good! They make me smile. What a treasure.

    Lisa @ LTTL


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