Thursday, April 27, 2017

Memories in the Blogosphere

We make friends in this internet world that can touch our lives the same as those friends we meet in the real world. Although we may never see them face to face, nevertheless, they touch our hearts in some ways.

Deb was one that I met early on in the internet world in a writing group around 2006. I'd never ventured into trying to write anything, but had always felt I have a writer locked somewhere inside me as I love the written word. Anyway, Deb was a member of that group. She became a friend in the early years that I was in the group, and enjoyed her commentary on my writing. Everyone in the group was encouraging to one another. Over the years, I met many aspiring writers, and some have gone on to be published.

Deb was later a friend also on Facebook. She always engaged in comments on people's photos and whatever they were sharing. She could also be found to have her opinion, but she most usually gave it with grace. She had started painting again and was excited about it. You could tell the person she was by the way she shared her family through photos and her love of her dogs.

She was a published poet with the Plain Song Review, read her poetry at the South Mill, and an abstract artist who was featured at The Crescent Moon in 2013. She was an avid gardener who loved roses and lilacs, and loved spending time on her deck with her goldens.

I was use to getting on Facebook and checking in with what friends were up to. Eventually, Deb was doing no more posts. She was gone within a short period. There was an empty space now where a virtual friend use to be. That was three years ago, but there are many days that she will pop into my head, and the memory that a virtual friend was gone too soon who had much more to share. I never see or hear about Lilacs that I don't think of Deb because of all the beautiful photos she shared of her beautiful Lilac bushes.

In Memory
by Peabea

Credits: photos are from ones shared on Deb's site

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