Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Book Review ~ The Angry Christian

The Angry Christian Author: Bert Ghezzi
Publisher: Paraclete Press

I wanted to read The Angry Christian because as Christians sometimes it is easy to feel guilty for any amount of anger displayed. We are to love one another. With anger, it doesn't seem like we're portraying a very good example of the Love of Jesus. Reading The Angry Christian puts into perspective how it is not necessarily a bad thing to have anger and express it at times. We can have anger, and he speaks of having righteous anger. Sharing anger in a positive way when it will be helpful does not make for a bad example of a Christian. The books gives many examples of anger, why we have anger at different times in our lives and different ways we express those angers. If you're looking for some answers about anger and how to channel those angers in useful ways; especially as a Christian, this book is a good read.

About The Author:

Bert Ghezzi Bert Ghezzi is a popular author and speaker. He has written twenty books,

Bert has seven adult children and 16 grandchildren. He is an active member of St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church and lives near the church in Altamonte Springs, Florida.
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The Angry Christian is available at the following:

Paraclete Press


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