Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Pictorial Tuesday 6 5 2018 with a Free Digital Paper Pack

Just messing with a photo of my flower to make it look like art. Also used a texture from French Kiss Textures. Check out her site and if you sign up she gives monthly free textures if you like using those.

Original photo below:

Said bye to May with a cookout and some bag toss and ladder ball games. Two of ours were able to come with their family and spend the holiday. One of the two, our son and his family, stayed for few days to help his dad with some needed chores around this place. We're the age even with just our small acre, it gets harder and harder to maintain so we were glad for his help.

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Pink Flower Paper Pack Freebie 4 You

I've been having fun making digital papers. This one is from some flowers that I had a few Summers ago that the son and DIL gave me for Mother's Day. I'm sharing this pack of 5 papers with you as a free download. The download link is below. You're welcome to use them however you like for personal use. No link back is needed, but credit is always welcome. Simply your choice.

Since I'm not selling them, I prefer they not be used for commercial unless permission is asked, and please don't sell them as your own.

Sharing below is an example of how I used a couple of the papers. I didn't add many embellishments for this one because I was going for a more simple digital scrapbook page. The picture I'm using is from pexels.com

You can download the Papers Pack HERE (note, if the download is from Dropbox, you don't have to sign in. Just x out of that and download). Thanks. If you use my papers would love to see how you used them.


  1. I lover Gerbera daisies! They're such happy flowers.

  2. What a beautiful drawing of a a beautiful flower. Very nice. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

  3. I love how the texture transformed the flower! So much fun. Thanks for offering the free digital papers! Very pretty, and I love the colors! Thanks for hosting!

  4. I haven't been using my Prisma app lately. it is fun to make photos look like a painting. Yours is beautiful both ways.

  5. Very cool - it's so neat to see what different apps will do with our photos.

  6. very pretty I love using filters! working on my photo page

  7. I love what you did with your photo!

  8. Love you "art" work! My favorite flower is any red flower.

  9. What you did looks so cool!! I haven't used textures in quite a while, so thanks for the link. I love your pinks, too.

  10. I love that flower and its sizzling red petals.

  11. Thank you for hosting. This is a fantastisc capture, it looks like pearls... love it. Stay healthy and well.


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