Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sunday Scripture Blessings 2 10 19 Link Up

Well, Inlinkz is telling me that we will now be using the new Inlinkz and as of February 1st, the old one will no longer be supported. They say it is better? Anyway, I have seen some others using the new Inlinkz, and you have to log in for first use to share a link. So, I again ask Inlinkz if that was there request or maybe I was just at a site that required log in. Inlinkz said, yes, it is there requirement. I am using the new Inlinkz this week and will see how many are favorable to use the new Inlinkz. Please let me know in comments. If the number of people who share a link drops off, then I will either just not do the Sunday Scripture Blessings Link Up anymore or when my my next payment is due, I will cancel Inlinkz and there might be a lag until I try out Linky Tools or another option. Not sure if Linky Tools requires a log in so didn't try it this week. Let me know if signing in is not an option or if there is no problem doing so. Inlinkz did say that once you have logged in with your email, then it applies to any other linking that you would do for ones who use Inlinkz, and you wouldn't have to log in again each time if you're using the same email. They say it is more secure that way. My reasoning for liking Inlinkz when I first set up my linkup was because I like that you can share a thumbnail of your photo.

Thanks for any input. Now on to Sunday Scripture Blessings:

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  1. I really haven't minded the new inLinkz and have been signing in via Facebook which seems to work fine. For the most part, I think it's a little faster than the older way. My only complaint has been that sometimes I've had to upload my image because the featured image from my post is not offered in the multiple choice of images inLinkz generates. (Go figure?)
    And I have to thank you for dipping into Leviticus today and finding that sweet Scripture that reveals the heart of God toward us "Strangers."

  2. I don't mind the new format, Peabea. I didn't have any trouble with it. Love the scripture from Leviticus also. I have been rolling that one around in my mind for a while, trying to think about how to say what I want to about how we are commanded to treat strangers.

  3. It's easy to get embroiled in the politics of today and forget God's command to simply love those He puts in our path, from our family members to the immigrant next door.

  4. I didn't have any trouble with InLinkz but I already have an account. I haven't switched over to the new InLinkz yet but I guess that's on my to-do list for this week!

    This is such a beautiful image!! Whatever our social or political views, we must never forget to love others and see them as people loved by God.

  5. Hello. Linking up was easy, no problem. Thank you for sharing such a timely Scripture!


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