Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Pictorial Tuesday Link Up 5 12 2020

Scribbling from the Archives: 

Campfires have always been a norm in our lives; whether camping or at home.

Milkweed: The seeds usually are in this, but none in this picture.

Just a weed. 😀

Enjoyed seeing all the beautiful photography that linked up last week. Thank you for sharing. This week's link up is open below.
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  1. Your campfire looks so cozy (I never had one since dacades, sigh!) and beautiful closeups.
    Stay safe and healthy

  2. We've already had a few backyard fires this spring. Hot dogs too. Fall is my favorite time for fires though. It's too bright at night now.

  3. wonderful images of a campfire.

  4. Beautiful campfire photos. Thanks for sharing them. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you and your family are safe and healthy.

  5. Thia is funny!It;s funny because of your fire images:) While I was loading up my image here, I saw out of the corner of my eye a big column of smoke rising up from the ground. I ran to the living room to get my glasses, to make sure it was not a fire (raining at the moment, but still we're here in the mountains with a high fire hazard). When Hubs asked me what was wrong, I told him about the smoke. He laughed, "I am burning two piles of leaves at the down end of the yard:)Well, I had my adventure today. Great porst, Peabea, and beautiful images. Wishing you a comfortable week, Jesh

  6. Lovely - we're heading into fire season now. It's getting very chilly!

  7. We've always been big on campfires here too! Stuy and I met over a blazing campfire at a motorbike rally and it seems to have become something we've done as a family ever since! We have a fire when we're camping, we have a fire for backyard bbq's and we've always had a fire in the house - wood stove ;o) There's just so much warmth and coziness in front of real flames....not to mention the lovely smell!

  8. Oh nice to sit by a campfire.
    Can't wait to have one.

  9. You have a wonderful blog! The topics you write about are very close to me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    I follow you through GFC! If you want, go to my blog :)



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