Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Pictorial Tuesday Link Up 5 19 2020

Today, I'm sharing a couple videos as well as photography. This little fellow or gal was sitting on my porch railing when I looked out the window. Had to grab a video.

My son's family has a mini farm with chickens, goats, rabbits, and donkey so far. I visited (safe distancing) so I got some pictures. The chickens are very friendly, and the donkey, lets just say you don't want to be behind her when she decides to jump and kick.

Her name is Henrietta and she loves to be held and petted

Miss Tina

Hope all is having a good week. Look forward to your sharing of your photography. Have a wonderful week.

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  1. How fun t I have a mini-farm. It must be a bit of work. The house across the street has a few chickens. I love to hear them in the morning.

  2. I do miss having chickens. This is only the second time in 37 years that we haven't had some cluckers in the back paddock. I miss their cackles, their scrap eating habits and of course fresh eggs! Life goes on though and I'm sure some of my children will continue the chicken keeping tradition!

  3. Very beautiful photos. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you and your family are safe and healthy.

  4. I so enjoy the mini videos. They add to the revelation of nature's personality.

  5. Wonderful post. Thank you for sharing for My Corner of the World. I enjoyed reading.

    Stay healthy.

  6. Henrietta is vert pretty, or should I say handsome? I have a daughter who has a family farm like your adult kids have. It's always fun to visit - never a dull moment:) The donkey looks lovable too. Thanks for sharing these fun things with us, Peabea. Have a comfortable and enjoyable week, Jesh

  7. Nice to hear that you are able to visit loved ones even within a safe distance away.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  8. delightful! You might enjoy Jackie French's book "A Year in the Valley" - they have a collection of animals too, including wild animals - I've just finished reading it. Have a good week and thank you again for the link up.

  9. What awesome creatures!

    I am so glad that you took the time to share your world at 'My Corner of the World' this week! Thanks!

  10. Welcome to Nature Notes Peabea....I wish we were zoned for chickens as I really like them. My sister has to two donkey with her three horses and they are pretty nice. But I remember as a kid knowing someone who had one that was just cranky and he let you know. Nice to meet you and please stay well.....Michelle

  11. What lovely animals. Henrietta is adorable with her speckled feathers. I used to keep Bantams many years ago. They were also friendly apart from the rooster which used to chase my mother whenever he saw her!

    Thanks for the links party :) Hugs Rose

  12. I just love watching the birds!

  13. What bird is that! Such a pretty color combination ..... It must have been sheer joy spotting it on time to be able to make a video.

    The mini farm sounds like a lot of work and double the fun


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