Sunday, May 16, 2021

Sunday Scripture Blessings Link Up 5 16 2021


Hurricane season comes every summer, and many of us watch weather reports and marvel at the damage wind can do. Strong winds stir the water and move it inland causing storm surges, rainstorms, and flooding. The power is in the wind, picking up water and moving it for miles.

God's Spirit is like wind having its way in a hurricane. His Spirit is more powerful than anything that comes into our lives. Health concerns, finances, and an uncertain future can threaten our peace of mind. Floods can come as anger, fear, depression, or despair. Uncontrolled emotions, addictive behaviors, anxiety, and loneliness can overwhelm us. In times like these, knowing the power of the name and glory of the Lord is essential. His name is above every other name; none has more authority than the One who spoke the world into being. His glory fills the whole earth.

When we cry out to God in the storms of our lives, we are calling on the most powerful force of all-the One who has the power over death.  Lord, forgive me for forgetting how powerful You are and that Your glory is desplayed throughout the whole earth. Help me remember whom my God is. Amen.
(from my devotional)

Happy Sunday. The flowers are from my awesome daughter for Mother's Day and birthday. My children definitely spoiled me, and I'm an old lady who is well blessed. I thank God daily for the children he blessed me and my hubby with. Children are a gift from God. When young, I use to wonder if I would even want children. I think from the babysitting years, and messy toddlers. But, as a teenager, I enjoyed the ones I babysat, and they were adorable, but considering having my own seemed well maybe not. How wrong God proved me. Having children was spaced out for us; not by choice, and considering our daughter was born when our sons were 18 and 13, we were so surprised to learn we were to have a daughter. You never know what God has in store.  😊 

Happy Sunday, and week ahead.

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  1. I wasn't much of a baby lover as a young person either, but SO grateful for my 4!

  2. "Help me remember whom my God is. Amen." When we know Him well and remember who He is, we have no trouble trusting Him to take care of circumstances in our lives.

  3. When we are in the throes of raising children and exhausted, we often can't see the blessing they will become. I am so grateful for my family and for the joy they all bring. The flowers are beautiful!

  4. Today's link up party was such a blessing and encouragement for my heart. Thank you for hosting refreshing my soul.


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