Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Pictorial Tuesday Link Up 10 26 2021

What I'm Scribbling about this week:

My sisters and I frequently walk in the cemetery so last week, I thought I'd take a picture of our mysterious monument. So there is a mystery or maybe just a point of conversation in our town at the local cemetery. Story is below, and thought just fun for Halloween this week. Muahahaha  

 Actually, it's not spooky at all. lol

For anyone digging up stories about Marion’s spookier side, the Merchant grave is the natural starting point. In fact, it would be hard to find anyone in Marion who hasn’t at least heard of the grave and its mysterious revolving ball. Ripley himself deemed it interesting enough to include in his newspaper column in 1929.

n 1886 the Merchant family of Marion constructed what they thought would be a beautiful and fitting grave monument for their family burial plot in Marion Cemetery. Within two years after its construction, someone noticed that the 5,200 pound polished granite ball atop the pedestal had begun to rotate. The only unpolished spot on the ball was now visible, indicating the ball was on the move. The Merchant family, being concerned about this, brought the erection crew back to the site to re-set the ball. It was not long before the ball again began its now continuous movement.

Various explanations have been proposed for the ball’s movement: the Coriolis effect, the seasonal expansion and contraction of the ball, seismic activity. However, since it’s a grave, there are also those who suspect some otherworldly explanation. Still, there is no record of any gruesome or even untoward stories about the Merchant family that would suggest that their grave should be haunted. The real reason behind the ball’s movement remains a mystery.

Went with the son and family last week to a fun area that have mennonite stores. I grabbed some indian corn and couple pumpkins for decoration. 

The last of my dahlias since the weather has turned cold so had to bring in. Sad to see all the flowers go.

But more sad to see Summer go. I use to not mind Winter, but not a fan anymore. We're already in the 40's of a night time, and almost down to the 30's of a night time and we've two months to go until Winter officially begins. :(

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  1. Now that's an amazing story. Perhaps it's good old fashion gravity. :)
    I love the pumpkins and corn. And the last of the Dahlias are beautiful!

  2. Hello Peabea, I'm baaaack! With a new (since May) blog, a new url, and a new username (former Jesh), now Emile blogging at (one word) living between two realms (.) wordpress (.) com. Happy Tuesday, Emille

  3. A great story and such lovely pics. Very nice.


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