Monday, July 4, 2022

Pictorial Potpourri Tuesday Link Up 7 5 2022

Razzy use to have lots of toys as you can see behind him, and loved to play. Now, not so much. And if we do, he'd rather play take it to his bed and want me to try to take from him. He gives, I do and then he'll chase it a few times and quits. His birthday is next week. He'll be eleven. He does like to go outside and run like the wind though and play ball outside. Just not so much inside anymore.

Just some yesteryear photos this week. The 4th was a fun one this year. Tired, but had a good day. Went to my sister's for a cookout and swimming. Was fun to see her kids and family. Hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th if you celebrate.

I didn't really thrift anything this week even though I did visit the thrift store. The shelves are really bare at the one that I go to. Either that or people are doing other things with their castaways.

I did get another new sew made for my shop. Another small tote.

I almost forgot it's Tuesday already and time for Pictorial. The weeks are going so fast. Link up is open. Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate each and everyone who bless my blog. Keeps me something to do. 

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  1. Pretty blooms and nice art on that tote.

  2. Love the art on the tote. So very nice. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

  3. Razzy is adorable. One of our girls is nearing 13 and she doesn't like playing much anymore either. The flowers and bunny are pretty & that tote is adorable! Thanks for hosting!

  4. Thank you! Hope you have a wonderful week

  5. My favorite pic of this post is your first capture of the flowers - stunning details. Happy you had a pleasant 4th of July:)
    On the 4th of July itself I was chillin' because the whole week up to it we had my middle daughter's family over with 3 kids, so much entertainment and busyness, and son-i-l likes food, so we ate way too much, and on Sunday the church had a big 4thof July picnic - couldn't see anymore food by Monday:):)

  6. Thanks for letting me share my fun trip and photos here. Is that a wild bunny? My grandkids have 2 pet rabbits which they love.


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