Monday, October 3, 2022

Pictorial Potpourri Tuesday Link Up 10 4 2022 ~ Welcome to October


Recycled from another year, but works.... 

Signs of Fall

 The sunsets even seem more amber

Hats and headbands come out as well as jackets

Cozy fires with jackets and something warm to drink

I took a photo of this pretty pop of color in the ditch across from my house that I thought added so much to the other drying weeds. I posted it on my Facebook as a weed, and a friend told me this is actually an Aster. Looked it up and says some Asters tend to get a little wild so is why they are thought of as weeds, but they're not. Says they spread through the Fall. The little purple daisies are so pretty. If weren't so many weeds over there, I might be tempted to take some to grow although they do go wild. 

Hope Fall is awesome for everyone. It is already cold here like 50's and 40's already. Last night was in the 30's. I did end up turning the furnace on. Razzy was getting cold; I could brave it...not. 😀 

Not turning on worked for while, but then as the days and weeks went on, the chill does tend to spread through the house.

Prayers and continuing prayers are being said for those in the path of the Florida hurricane. So sad. Hope everyone you might know is safe. Those that I know are, thankfully.

Have a good week. 

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~hugs 'n blessings~


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  1. It still feels like summer where I live, although we had a low in the 50s one night; days are 80s which I like because it's reasonable to walk outside; not so with temps upper 90s and 100 as a month ago. I'm travelling to Colorado later this month so that will probably be my first exposure to fall weather this year.

  2. Days are still warm but much to my delight nights and mornings are getting cold around here. I had to pull out my jacket this morning for gardening. Love the photos. The purple asters are really pretty. May be you can grow them in a large container. Happy Fall to you too!


  3. Thank you for sharing the beauty of fall. It's quite different here in Honolulu

  4. Such beautiful fall pics. Very nice

  5. As your summer fades into autumn we are enjoying spring days and with it the burst of wildflowers - my favourite time of year. Enjoy fall, enjoy your week, stay safe and thank you again for the linkup.

  6. Peabea, lovely photos. October is one of my favorite months. Best for gardening, cooking, painting, whatever!


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