Monday, April 10, 2023

Pictorial Tuesday Link Up 4 11 2023

Not much to scribble about this week. My son and  family took me out to eat for Easter instead of anyone having to cook. Was a fun time. We had lunch and then headed to the local ice cream place since it's open now for the season. Hope all had a nice Easter weekend if you celebrate. Also those who celebrate their own tradition, hope your time was blessed.

My seeds I planted have all pretty much started to sprout. Now, I'm not sure what or when to do something with them as to wheter I repot them before planting outside or just wait until the weather permits planting outside. Usually, it's around Memorial Day. I'm so not a gardener, but if they don't make it, guess I'll resort to buying some annuals. :)

I thrifted a bread machine. It sells for upwards of $100 so at $6.99 I couldn’t pass it up. It’s like brand new. Not sure it was ever really used. I already have a machine that’s older. I like to once in a while make bread because it doesn’t have all the preservatives as in over the counter. Even if I don’t bake it in the machine, it’s handy for all the kneading and preparation and then I bake it in the oven.

 Have a happy week. Thanks for visiting and linking up.

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  1. Belated Easter wishes.
    And happy bread-making with your new machine. :)
    Also, thank you for hosting. :)

  2. Nothing like making your own bread, I have been useing on eof thouse for years now and my family love it over the shop bought stuff. Now any sliced bread you taste is like chewing rubber. See some of you r seeds are doing well, I need to check mine.

  3. Making your own bread is such a pleasure especially the aroma is just so refreshing

  4. Have fun bread making and happy that your seeds are sprouting. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

  5. Nothing like fresh baked bread! Thank you for friend

  6. It's so nice when the seeds sprout :)

  7. I love spring when everything comes alive.

    Great deal on the bread maker. Hubby uses his all the time.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

  8. I'm not a gardener either - no interest in getting my hands dirty! - but it looks like you're off to a good start. Great find with the bread machine! Fresh baked bread is one of favorite things.

  9. My doughter and I had dinner in town yesterday. So lovely.


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