Monday, November 27, 2023

Pictorial Tuesday Link Up 11 28 2023

Crocheting over the clear ornaments that I've done recently.


Didn't make the knomes or trees, just the crochet ornaments.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving if you celebrate. Have to admit, so sorry that I'm never sure who celebrates which holidays if outside of the USA. 

So now guess it's on to Christmas even though it seems ridiculous to me that we should be celebrating Christmas in mid Summer because I guess my mind is stuck back there. Cannot believe 2023 is going this fast. Since I've retired you'd think it should be going more slowly, but seems to be going way faster. When I worked, the days seemed to drag even though I was busy with kids sports and activities, plus a new baby, and also part of my husband's band that played 4-5 nights a week. Maybe I was just to tired so they seemed to drag. 😄

Above is a words on one of my photos. I use to do graphics, and I'm really rusty so think I'll get back to doing those more since I really don't get out for photography that much anymore. 

Have a happy and safe week.

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~hugs 'n scribbles~



  1. I love the photo and the words on it. But also your crochet ornaments. So nice.
    In The Netherlands no Thanksging :-)

  2. Nice photos. Hope you had a fine Thanksgiving. We don't celebrate it here in Middle Europe.
    All the best

  3. As usual, Peabea, I've taken no photos this month of anything except food! Made these lovely buns (#10) from Jane Austen's sister-in-law Martha Lloyd's Household Book. Jane's and Martha's household would have had them at breakfast or teatime, but if you leave out the currants they make a delightful little dinner roll. Thank you for hosting. I admire your needle art skills!

  4. I learned that Canada has a Thanksgiving in October. My daughter-in-law's sister lives in Australia and she and other ex-pat Americans get together to celebrate ours. I agree with you about the way time feels now, in retirement. I seem busy all the time, even though I no longer have a job to go to, kids' activities to arrange, etc. Maybe life just expands to fill whatever time we have. I pay more attention to current events, especially politics, now, as you can tell from the post I shared.

  5. ooo I love these crochet balls. Lovely. Enjoy your week and thankyou again for the linkup.

  6. Belated Thanksgiving wishes. I hope you had a good one.
    Christmas season is already here?! Seriously, where did 2023 go?
    Your crocheted ornaments look so warm and cute. I can imagine how lovely they'd look on a tree. I look forward to the Christmas pictures.

    Thank you for hosting, Pictorial Tuesday, Peabea.

  7. I love the ornaments. Beautiful.

    It's cold here so Christmas is okay with me.

    You're right about the time flying by. I've been retired since 2003 and the years go by faster and faster.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

  8. I love your happy crocheted ornaments. I have not seen anything like that. Crocheting in general brings back happy memories of my Grandmother and her yarn projects. :-)

  9. Those are so very beautiful. Thanks for sharing them. Very nice. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

  10. Amazing, love the crochet work you've done Patricia.
    I found your blog through Comedy Plus @Sandee. Thanks for hosting and I linked up this week with = 19. Come and join us at #WordlessWednesday #Photography Wednesday - Saturday. You will find the info under BLOGGING

  11. These crochet balls are ADORABLE!
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, and thank you once more for hosting the linkup.


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