Monday, March 27, 2017

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Over the week-end, we had a gloriously warm day so I brought around the summer chairs for the front porch, did a bit of cleaning of the outdoor table and chairs. Then, I let the furbaby, Razzy, who loves to be outdoors come onto the porch. I brought my camera, and we sat and listened to all the different birds singing. However, since we were foreign to them, only a few came to the feeder and close enough for me to get a photo. This fellow, a sparrow with red on him, and the white one were the only ones that came long enough to pose for me. :)

Happy Tuesday. Looking forward to all who link on Pictorial with their lovely photos. Thank you to those who have come weekly. :)

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A Freebie Gift for You

My Hexagon Photo Display. I inserted my bird photos, but it will come blank for you to insert your own photos. Hope you enjoy! I also included a tutorial of how to change the background from white to other colors if you want. See the download below.

You can download the Hexagon Photo Display HERE or HERE

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  1. Awe, isn't he a charming fellow!

  2. I love that patch of red on that cute little sparrow!

  3. The house sparrows are so sweet. I love their stripped pantaloons! Have a wonder-filled week!

  4. So many birds -- that's an amazing photo!

  5. We've had a few slow and lazy weekends, and it's meant I've read a lot of books. Yay!!

  6. What a delightful little bird! Beautiful photos!


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