Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Pictorial Tuesday Link Up 6 30 2020

Fire for Spark link blog hop
So she searches for light, only to realize it’s in her,
like an ember equipped to ignite.
Jessica Sorensen
Like the embers that catch one to another to become a full flame, people do the same when we interact with one another. Smiles, happy moods, friendliness, etc. all help to fuel the spirit of good will to others. We can also do the opposite with words that hurt or anger. Be the flame that ignites and spreads good vibes. pb

Fun design the solar lights make on the patio. New this year, and happy with the light design. 
The grandson put new lights on his quad, and was so happy with his purchase. Scares me when they ride these things, but he's only allowed around the yard with it. 

They sell these in the store, but what more fun to just buy the tiki torch refill for couple bucks, and containers from the Thrift store. All in all, less than $3. 
Happy Tuesday, and Happy 4th of July.

Time for your sharing as we say goodbye to June for another year. Just praying we make a turn, and July is a much more relaxing month with better news regarding the virus. Will be strange with no on-site fireworks this year. I haven't gone for few years, but I know some really look forward. However, I'm sure there will be some put off in the neighborhoods that we can see. ๐Ÿ˜Š
We are heating up in Ohio as Summer is well in to full swing with temps in the 90's plus now and humidity. 
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~hugs 'n scribbles~


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  1. Nice shadows in these beautiful pics.

  2. Your solar light does create nice shadows. Great thrift store find!

  3. Truly nice solarlight. Never seen a Tiki before... hope, he better times are coming soon and you can enjoy a mercyfull summer :)

  4. Such a beautiful quote and beautiful lights. Thanks for sharing both. Hope you have a wonderful week and a Good and Safe Fourth. Stay healthy.

  5. What a lovely quote. Light truly is a wonderful gift.
    Thank you for hosting!
    Enjoy the 4th...Be well and safe.

  6. I love that quote. We used to have citronella tiki torches.

  7. What a wonderful quote. Sort of like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. We have it within us after all.

  8. Love the quote! And your photos are beautiful, Peabea!

    Happy Wednesday!

  9. Thanks for these positive vibes.

  10. Your quote is so lovely and the pattern from your new lights is just perfect!!

    'My Corner of the World' is happy to see you this week! Thanks for linking.


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