Sunday, February 7, 2021

Sunday Scripture Blessings 2 7 2021


It didn't take me long after Covid started to start praying daily. My prayer was to God that he gives gifts, and he has given gifts to the scientists in our world. I asked that he would use those people to come up with a vaccine for the terrible Covid pandemic that was raging through our world. We have always been told that it takes months and months and maybe years so a vaccine for this virus would not be found for at least another year or so. Well, the loving God that cares for us answered that prayer, and by December of 2020 they had one in the works. God answers prayers, some soon and some later. There are some prayers that I have prayed for years with no results, but then it comes. Trust is a good thing once we ask God. I knew it would be in His time and not mine, but was trusting for a miracle for this horrible virus that has taken so many. It is new to us, and people I know have died, and it so sad. But I am praising God for his answer. Some say they will never take the vaccination, and I respect that, but God sent a life line so I took it. I got my first vaccination this week, and will get a second one. I could not have not taken it because I know it is from God's answer to probably many prayers over the past year. I know I will still wear a mask, and distance, but now I won't worry as much that I might infect someone should I unsuspectingly be contagious becasue I would never want to make one of my own ill nor anyone else. In Jesus' name, I thank you God. There is no way I could not have taken it because then where would my Trust in God be? 

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  1. Good for you for getting the vaccine, Peabea! I believe that in getting the vaccine, we are fulfilling God's command to love and care for others. I will get a vaccine as soon as I can. Like you, I would not want to unknowingly infect someone else.

  2. I love to read what your prayer focus has been and God's answer!

  3. Good can certainly come from bad, as we see from all the improved prayer lives!

  4. I think all that has happened because of the virus certainly has driven many Christians to pray more fervently. What the enemy intends for evil, God can and will use for good.

  5. I am thankful, too, for the quick work on the vaccine. I am praying this virus ebbs away as soon as possible.

  6. When God is in it, it is amazing what can be done! Praying comfort and no side effects from the second shot! Beautiful photo of the bachelor buttons! Shalom, Maryleigh


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